British lighting manufacturer Rotolight has announced new ‘Pro’ versions of its existing NEO 3 and AEOS 2 lights – launched by way of an Indiegogo campaign that began on October 18th.

The new NEO 3 PRO and AEOS 2 PRO, for which bundles deals are available at a VAT-inclusive £629 and £1699 respectively, are claimed to boast up to 25% more output power than previous models, making them, claims Rotolight CEO Rod Aaron Gammons, “the ultimate all-in-one lights.” Those already in-the-know with regards to Rotolight will be aware of the advantage of being able to simply dial in a colour using its LEDs, thus avoiding the need to put a gel on the lights. Users can also dial in a saturation level and save it as a preset.  Furthermore, with the lights’ ability to flash as well as act as an ambient light, we have a case of one light that can do it all.

New on the two ‘PRO’ models are built-in Godox wireless flash receivers, joining existing compatibility with Elinchrom, while the units feature premium quality solid aluminium dials built to last, according to the manufacturer. Users can choose from a whopping 16.7 million light colours, while, if that’s too much choice, then 100+ exclusive presets also feature. Also integral is what Rotolight suggests is a ‘world first’ full colour touchscreen display, which lets users see the colour and its effect before it’s chosen.

Featuring all of the above capability, the AEOS 2 PRO is summed up by Rod as a ‘workhorse light’. A relatively lightweight 1.4Kg when compared to rivals in the market, it additionally features custom red aluminium handles, true aperture dimming with no need for a light meter, and integrated v-lock battery plate. The option to select from 16.7 million colours or 2,500 digital filters is shared by both the NEO 3 PRO and the AEOS 2 PRO.

The standalone NEO 3 PRO is additionally described as ‘the world’s brightest on-camera LED light’, with 16 built-in special effects compared with 12 on the regular NEO 3.

Discounted pre-order prices are available through Rotolight’s Indiegogo campaign page, which can be found here.

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