THE NEED TO BE CONSTANTLY communicating with your clients and the world in general has never been greater, and podcasting and vlogging is an important element of this. However, even if your style is informal, it’s still crucial to be producing content that has high technical quality, and audio has a fundamental role to play. Second rate sound won’t do your business any favours at all, but companies such as RØDE can help by providing the solutions to just about any audio issue you might happen to have.

We’re looking in detail in this issue at the awesomely impressive Rodecaster Pro II, which provides the kinds of cutting-edge features that once would only have been found in a high-spec recording studio, and all for a price that’s remarkably affordable. It’s also highly intuitive to use, and so any creative who might have the urge to share their stories with a wider audience has the solution right at their fingertips, all in one powerful and keenly priced package.

However, this is just one way that RØDE products can help out, and looking through the product line-up there are first class solutions at every price point that are designed to simplify your audio experience. Here the is a run through of what’s on offer across the range, and the key features you need to consider when making your choice of products to work with.

PRICE: £99

THE ORIGINAL VideoMic Go shotgun mic was a much-loved classic, a keenly priced piece of plug-andplay audio kit that was guaranteed to instantly lift your audio way above that provided by an on-board camera mic. The Mark II version incorporates all of the killer features of its predecessor while taking everything up a considerable notch. Crucially, there’s a USB-C output on board to ensure connectivity with mobile devices and computers, which is obviously essential for podcasters and vloggers in this day and age. The Videomic Go II is also fully compatible with RØDE’s excellent Connect software, and see our box out opposite for more information on what these can offer.

PRICE: £234

DESIGNED WITH MOBILE journalists, vloggers and videographers in mind, the RØDE Wireless Go II is supercompact, feather light and takes up minimum space. The receiver weighs just 32g, the transmitter 31g, and both feature the same innovative clip design seen on the Mark I, which is simple and easy to fix to your subject, camera rig, boom pole and more! Key features are a dual channel wireless microphone system for recording two sound sources simultaneously, seven hours of battery life, crystal clear audio at an extended range of 200m (line of sight) and the provision of onboard recording as a fail-safe method against connection issues.

PRICE: £245

MOVING UP THE scale, the RØDE VideoMic NTG is essentially a ‘full fat’ version of the Go II, with more controls on board plus a higher-grade capsule and more directivity. A genuinely prospec piece of kit, the NTG features the same annular line tube technology as the NTG5, RØDE’s latest broadcast shotgun mic, which employs acoustic perforations along the length of the microphone in place of the linear slots found in other shotguns and on-camera microphones. This revolutionary acoustic design delivers unmatched transparency, and a natural, uncoloured sound that’s unprecedented for a microphone of this size. Add to this an incredibly flat frequency response, highly directional supercardioid polar pattern and very low self-noise, and what you have is a compact on-camera microphone with the ability to contend with the world’s best shotgun mics.

PRICE: £99

THIS TINY USB microphone offers professional level audio quality directly to your laptop or tablet, and it features a high-quality condenser capsule and a directional cardioid pick pattern, which together enable a clear and uninterrupted sound with a smooth frequency response. The microphone also comes with a built-in pop filter to reduce plosives, while there’s a magnetic desk stand on-board to reduce the risk of noisy knocks and bumps during recording.

PRICE: £69

THE AI MICRO IS an ultra-compact dual-channel interface that makes it easy to record incredible audio to a computer or mobile device anywhere you might happen to be. It features two auto-sensing inputs to enable virtually any microphone with a 3.5mm output to be plugged in, while there’s also headphone monitoring and seamless connection to computers, smartphones and tablets via a universal USB output.

PRICE: £149

RØDE HAS A LONG history of producing exceptional microphones, and now its introduction of the NTH-100 headphones effectively completes the picture. It’s crucial to be able to clearly hear your audio as it’s being recorded, and the exceptional audio quality and sonic performance of the NTH-100 bins, plus their comfortable design, ensures that these will be the perfect accompaniment for any professional operator.


EMPHASISING THE CUTTING-EDGE nature of the latest RØDE line-up is their ability to tap into the company’s Connect, Central and Reporter apps, which are all free to download and come with the potential to massively increase the functionality of the products, with new features and additional support being added all the time. RØDE’s latest generation of mics are also all fully MFI (Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod) certified, and fully compatible with android and IOS devices, making them great companions if you happen to be producing content on a mobile device.

RØDE CONNECT is RØDE’s podcasting and streaming software. This allows up to four VideoMic GO IIs (and other compatible RØDE microphones) to be connected to a computer, with complete control over the microphone’s input level, access to the high-pass filter, high-frequency boost and pad, plus studio-grade audio processing, including the legendary APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects, along with a compressor and noise gate.

RØDE CENTRAL is a handy desktop and mobile companion app that gives users access to a range of advanced features, including a high-pass filter, high-frequency boost and complete control over the input level and headphone output level.

RØDE REPORTER is a simple solution for recording broadcastquality audio on a mobile device. Compatibility with RØDE Central, RØDE Connect and RØDE Reporter transforms the VideoMic GO II, NTUSB Mini, VideoMic NTG, Wireless GO II and AI Micro into incredibly powerful and versatile microphones that are designed to be perfect companions for everyone from mobile content creators through to filmmakers, podcasters, vloggers and livestreamers.

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