PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS and videographers have traditionally favoured working with Mac computers, making it the system of choice for the creative industries.

However, while there’s no denying the quality of Mac peripherals, they can work out expensive, and not everyone has the budget required to look at investing in the likes of Apple Studio Display Monitors.

Fortunately, an alternative has recently been announced by top monitor specialist BenQ in the form of its new Mac Ready line-up, a trio of well-specified, featurepacked products that can do a sterling job for the pro while coming in at a fraction of the Apple price. Designed from the ground up to integrate perfectly with M1 powered Mac computers and laptops, the monitors, which are part of BenQ’s high-performing DesignVue range aimed specifically at highend creators, are Thunderbolt 3 compatible via USB-C ports, meaning that data such as still images and video can be transferred seamlessly and at high-speed through a single cable. The ability to work with Thunderbolt 3 also means that it’s possible, through built-in daisy-chaining capabilities, to extend a workspace to dual 4K monitors, while you can also use the all-in-one-cable to charge up your mobile devices.

Not only are the new monitors capable of fitting seamlessly into the Apple workflow but, being part of the DesignVue family, they come complete with meticulous factory calibration and so will display total colour accuracy straight out of the box, a guarantee that’s reinforced by Calman Verified and Pantone Validated Certificates.

They also come with a wide-range of BenQ’s innovative features. For example, you can connect to BenQ’s Hotkey Puck G2, which enables users to have easy access to their most-used features. You simply press and switch the dial to access brightness, contrast and volume adjustment, plus you can also assign custom shortcuts to settings.


True to form, BenQ has also provided a host of features that are designed to ensure accurate colour and top-notch quality for the professional. With 4K UHD resolution at its heart, along with BenQ’s exclusive AQCOLOR technology, the monitors can cover 100% sRGB, 95% P3 and Rec.709 colour spaces to enable flawless colour reproduction.

BenQ Display Pilot features a wide range of support tools for the professional, including ICCsynch, which can instantly match the colour gamut between monitors and computers to ensure accurate colour will be displayed. It can also auto-match and auto-synchronise ICC profiles on the monitor when you change colour modes or move between
your Mac and BenQ monitor.

It’s also possible, using Display Pilot’s shortcuts, to access On Screen Display adjustments for different functions, which
include colour mode switching for different projects and Print Assist, where your chosen paper size pops up as an overlay on your screen, allowing projects to be accurately previewed.

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