Reportage wedding, portrait and advertising photographer John Nassari has taken a commercial look at what an interactive 360-degree image can provide the modern client.

We live in an age where it takes a special piece of technology to surprise people, but 360-degree imagery still stands out and, with a few added twists, this could be a package that could tell a complete online story from a single starting point. John Nassari is the photographer taking this approach to new levels and we asked him what it’s capable of from a commercial point of view.

Can you tell me a little more about your 360-degree approach?

I’d always been interested in creating immersive experiences that used all aspects of my work, from still photography to video and, in turn, audio. During my PhD research between 2001 and 2007. I was looking for a way to best document the living conditions and personal stories in refugee camps. Pulling together the various strands, I felt a 360 image was the perfect interface.

At the time I had to get funding to build this as a one-off project due to the complexity of building a website interface, but the results encouraged me to explore how to create software that would make producing, editing and publishing 360s online quicker and more intuitive.

How do you use this in your business?

The reaction from my clients has been great, shooting weddings, events and physical spaces lend themselves to the use of 360s. Again, in capturing the various other assets, adding a 360 into the mix is relatively quick as part of a commissioned shoot.

Can you tell us a little more about the process?

We’re proud that Ricoh cameras partnered with us in recognition of what our software could do in extending the output for 360s. Having launched their Ricoh Z1 at The Photography Show for them earlier this year, it’s currently our preferred camera for capturing the 360s.

Can you explain some of the things that it’s possible to do, such as embed videos?

Nassari360 enables a wide range of content to be added via hotspots. You can add a variety of hotspot functions that include still images or a slideshow gallery of images, video including 360 videos, sound files, text, external links and more.

Could you give more detail about the commercial aspects of this process?

Commercially, my approach has been to demonstrate to clients that the 360 is an excellent way of telling stories, whether that’s the story of a wedding day or describing the unique features of an apartment. With the 360 acting as an interface to a greater depth of content, this approach has helped me sell it into both existing and new clients.

I’ve now worked with a vast range of clients across a variety of sectors including venues, restaurants, hotels, community sports programmes, charities and art galleries. Beyond these, I’ve found great success with property developers looking for more engaging content than some of the more clinical and empty 3D tours produced by other companies.

How easy are they to produce?

As a software platform N360 has become so sophisticated that it makes production easy. The breadth of commissioned work ranges from single-day shoots to high-end productions over several days. At the top end, I’ve shot and created 360 interactives for a luxury hotel which included video interviews, drone work, photographs and sound recordings. The resulting 360 tells the story of the hotel but also enables viewers to make bookings, explore the rooms and meet the general manager. Whereas an art gallery client simply needed a 360 of the exhibition, with links to the work and the press release.

How much time might they take?

It’s so fast. With the Ricoh Z1, you can shoot in 60 seconds and then within minutes create a published 360 project in N360. The software creates a standalone website or a 360 which can be played through an iFrame. If you have your content ready, such as photos, text, videos and any external links, you can literally build and publish in minutes.

How much might it cost to set up this system within your business?

Our pricing is aimed at a range of users. One-off projects can be built, published and downloaded for £49 with our time-limited 60-day account. Full access annually is priced at £14 per month for which the user gets one project space, where they can create and download projects continuously. Additional projects and users can be added to each account with prices from £8 for a project. We also offer volume discounts for businesses who want a high number of projects or users.

View the Palestinian Refugee camp 360-degree experience.

View a restaurant 360-degree experience.

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