Datacolor®, a global leader in colour management solutions, is offering a number of its Spyder monitor calibration products as part of a four-week Black Friday deal at significantly discounted rates. The Black Friday deal will include the SpyderX Studio and SpyderX Capture Pro where you can save up to £100. The offer is valid from 18th November until 15th December and can be obtained from the Datacolor online shop and reseller partners Amazon. 



Offers: The offer products in detail:


SpyderX Pro

For monitor calibration for dedicated photographers and designers
Offer price: €129 incl. VAT – regular RRP €179, saving €50
SpyderX Elite
For monitor calibration for experts, professional photographers and videographers
Offer price: €199 incl. VAT – regular RRP €279, saving €80
SpyderX Capture Pro
Tthe colour management case for accurate color management from capture to image editing
Offer price: €299 incl. VAT – regular RRP €399, saving €100
SpyderX Studio
The color management case for the photographic workflow from capture to image editing to printing
Offer price: €349 incl. VAT – regular RRP €449, saving €100
Further information can be found on the Datacolor homepage.
Datacolor’s latest monitor calibration solution is the SpyderX, which was unveiled in the spring. It is the fastest, most accurate and easy to use colour calibration sensor for Datacolor monitors. It was the first colorimeter from Datacolor to combine a newly designed colorimetric sensor with an optical system. In practice, this enables the highest photosensitivity, extreme precision and colour accuracy, as well as more details in the shadow areas. It gives photographers security and control over their creative vision.
The SpyderX targets ambitious photographers and designers looking for a fast and easy-to-use monitor calibration solution. The SpyderX Elite version also provides setting options for professional photographers and videographers who want full control over their colour workflow. More information about the SpyderX can be found at

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