TO BE A SUCCESSFUL professional photographer it’s imperative to build your profile, share your images and to get your name out there. It’s the reason why social media in general is so popular, and why new initiatives that come with the promise to help you spread the word about your skills are always welcome.

One of the most innovative sharing sites around right now is Clickasnap (CAS), which carries the catch line ‘Get Paid for Posting Photos.’ If that all sounds a little too good to be true, you only need to dig a little deeper to realise that it is indeed possible to make some extra income through signing up and sharing your images – around 0.25 cents a view to be precise, more than rivals such as YouTube.

But the site was never intended by founder Tom Oswold to be a get rich quick scheme; rather the incentive of generating a small amount of income each time an image posted up was viewed was just part of the overall offering, which also includes selling photos as downloads and physical prints, and licensing their use by third parties.

Automatic uploads to key social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is also part of the story, and the overriding aim of CAS is to provide a holistic ad-free platform that encompasses a wide range of platforms into one place, for a lower cost. Aspiring professional John Stoves is one of the website’s regular users, who signed up in October 2019 after being told about the site by a friend.

“I liked the notion that I could get paid for people viewing my work,” he says. “I also liked the fact that it was relatively new at the time – it’s now five years old – and consequently it was smaller than rivals, although it’s growing quickly.”

John, who also posts regularly on his YouTube Channel to deliver feedback on his Clickasnap account, does earn some income through his postings, but he’s very  up-front that this has never been his prime motivation. “I mainly wanted to be part of the site because it was somewhere to post and to get feedback,” he says, “and the money from views is a bonus. The fact is that a professional photographer needs exposure to grow, and CAS can help with this – 50 million images were viewed in January this year alone – and it also delivers the ability to sell online. There’s a wide range of photographers on CAS of all abilities, and the forums within the site allow feedback and advice to be widely shared.

“But it doesn’t stop there: I use CAS as my website and it’s cheaper than a regular ecommerce site. My work is also automatically uploaded to Facebook and Twitter, giving me more time to be out taking photos.”

To get an idea of the full picture, head to the Clickasnap website where there are details of costs and benefits. There’s a free option for those just looking to share their work, but to monetise uploads you need a £2 a month adfree account, while the £3.20 Seller or £4.80 Pro Account give you the chance to sell your work, plus unlimited uploads and an allowance of 30MB per image. Join the 300,000 photographers who have already signed up and start building your profile!

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