This video above is a supplement to the article in issue 181 of Professional Photo.

PROFESSIONAL photographers know that colour is something that needs to be taken seriously and it can make or break the overall look of your work, enhance your personal style and allow you to create a mood and atmosphere that’s full of vintage appeal. Taking the time to examine and refine the hues in your portraits will push them to an elevated level and enable them to stand out from rival shots where colour hasn’t been considered in the same way.When it comes to pushing pixels post photoshoots, photographers often fixate on exposure balance and treat colour as an after-thought. However, Affinity Photo has a number of features that make it quick and easy to take control of this element, with perhaps the handiest tool of them all being the Gradient Map adjustment option. This feature is often overlooked but can prove to be hugely effective, so follow our workflow and supercharge your portraits.

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