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Professional Photo Issue 189

As the COP26 Climate Conference takes centre stage there’s an appropriate environmental feel to the latest issue of Professional Photo, with a glorious nightscape shot by astro photographer Josh Dury gracing our cover. It’s a scene that reveals the glorious expanse of the universe that can be seen in a dark sky but, as Josh reveals, there’s a battle on to prevent the creeping threat of light pollution. Our special section is also looking at the things professional photographers can do to make their businesses greener, a process that doesn’t just benefit the planet but which can help you to attract like-minded customers. Meanwhile Julia Fullerton-Batten is showing us her memorable London lockdown project, now a sumptuous book thanks to a spectacularly successful Kickstarter campaign, while Peter Dench is recalling some of the near-disasters that he’s encountered throughout his career. Matty Graham discloses how far he would go to get the shot while Paul Wilkinson is sharing his delightful portrait of a young boy and explaining how much of the power of the shot was added in post-production. We’ve got Richard Bradbury completing his mini-series on car photography with an overview of how to achieve action shots, while Lisa Devlin has been working with a Hasselblad at recent weddings and is rapidly falling in love with medium format. On the technical front we’re showcasing some of the latest location lighting to hit the market and we’re reviewing the powerful new Atomos Ninja V+ monitor and also taking a look at cost-efficient ways to trade up to a full frame system. It’s another bumper issue, so come and take a look and enjoy the read!

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Professional Photo Issue 188

There’s a real fine art feel about our latest issue, with a striking clown self-portrait from Guy Bellingham, produced using the vintage Tin Type process, making our cover spot. It all ties in with a meaty fine art special section, where Guy talks more about the appeal of working with a wet process and a lens that’s nearly as old as the medium of photography itself. We’re also taking a look at fine art papers, with a chance to sign up for two free sheets of the very latest Canson Infinity media, we’re exploring the emerging market for NFT digital files, looking at how to add a fine art feel to your commercial work and we’re finding out how to make fine art a strong and profitable side-line to your chosen specialisation. Also in this issue we’ve got the results of our outstandingly successful Professional Photographer of the Year Competition with a full round-up of winners, and it’s the culmination of the biggest challenge this magazine has ever thrown out there, which attracted hundreds of entries from all over the world. For those that love cars of all kinds we’ve got part one of a detailed look at automotive photography from self-confessed petrol head Richard Bradbury, while our Move Towards Motion feature this month asks the experts at CVP why they consider the camcorder still has much to offer those who are looking to add filmmaking to their mix. Paul Wilkinson is talking about how sometimes it’s the shots you never even planned that can stand out from a session while Amy-Leigh Atkins is taking a look at the freshly launched Exposure 7 software, which promises to deliver a stack of great features. Last but by no means least, working pro David Nash is taking the delightfully vintage-looking Nikon Z fc out on a job and he’s reporting back on what it has to offer. Another great mix of stories to enjoy, so come on in and take a look around!

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Professional Photo Issue 187

A great animated portrait from top professional Spiros Politis graces the front cover of the latest issue of Professional Photo and it ties in to a classic Portfolio from this great photographer, where he explains the attraction of working with people and why his natural curiosity encouraged him into this genre. Meanwhile our featured Project this month focuses on Peter Dazeley’s breath-taking voyage behind the scenes at a selection of London’s top theatres, revealing a side the public would never see, while Peter Dench is name dropping with abandon, as he recalls some of the many celebrities he’s worked with over the years. Our regular look at the world of filmmaking in conjunction with CVP is focusing on the new breed of powerful and portable LED lights which are perfect for those working on location, while Paul Wilkinson has his work cut out trying to make a low-tech mobile coffee machine look like a speedy racing car, but he’s succeeded admirably and he shows us how! On the business front Rosie Parsons is talking through her new system of prepping clients for their shoots by sending them through bespoke videos that cover all the bases, while Gillian Devine is extolling the benefits of offering a premium upmarket service that commands higher prices and delivers way less stress. On the technical front our main review this month features the quirky but loveable Sigma fp L, while we’re also looking at the Nikon MB-N11 battery pack from Nikon and the remarkable Sony Xperia Pro Smartphone, which can double as a monitor for your video camera! Another value-packed line-up, so come on in and take a look around!

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Professional Photo Issue 186

Take a voyage of discovery in the latest issue of Professional Photo as we dip into the archives at Iconic Images to reveal a selection of extraordinary previously unseen vintage pictures and contact sheets from celebrated shoots of the past. It’s all come about following the launch of the new Iconic Licencing website and the digitisation of thousands of contact sheets and transparencies from the 1960s and beyond. Take a look at what we’ve found and go and explore yourself! And you’ll do a double take, as we stick with the vintage theme to tell the tale of how one photographer set up a shoot with a model who was the doppelganger of Audrey Hepburn. Our Project this month features the eye-catching work of Jonk, who specialises in capturing the gentle decay of derelict buildings, while Paul Wilkinson is sharing the story of how he occasionally works his passage as a photographer on cruise ships, which gave him the opportunity to set up a shoot with one of the ship’s entertainers on the glorious island of Rhodes. Meanwhile Pro Academy is moving onto its second challenge with a shout out for your best best portrait shots, while we’re revealing our latest spot prize winner and giving you one final chance to get your entries in for our mega £8000 Professional Photographer of the Year competition, which closes at the end of August. Our main test this month is the mighty new Sony professional flagship the Alpha 1, while we’re also rounding up the opportunities presented by the burgeoning used kit market, and are talking to a selection of the top second-hand specialists to reveal the best and most economical way to stay ahead of the game by trading up. In other words we’re packed full to bursting as always, so dive in and take a look!

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Professional Photo Issue 185

You might do a double-take when you see the cover of the latest issue of Professional Photo. Yes, that really is the iconic image of Brigitte Bardot, shot by Terry O’Neill, but we bet this will be the first time you’ve seen it in colour and we report inside on how it was meticulously worked on to create a image that has a very different feel. Elsewhere, we’re catching up with cycling specialist Alex Broadway who is telling us how sport made him fall back in love with photography, we’re hearing how Yellow Cab driver Joseph Rodriguez learned his photojournalist trade back in 70s New York through photographing the passengers on his back seat and a line-up of top pros tell us how they developed their personal ‘look,’ with the help of a little post-production preset magic. Our brand-new Pro Academy feature, in conjunction with the Nikon School, will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself across a range of genres and to earn a certificate as proof of your efforts, we’re explaining why live streaming is fast becoming a revenue-earner for professional photographers and Gillian Devine tells us why helping local businesses to develop their brand can be big and hugely enjoyable business. Also don’t miss our reviews of the exciting new Panasonic GH5 II and the brand-new hybrid SW271C monitor from BenQ, that is equally at home whether it’s stills or motion you’re working on. As you can tell, it’s another jam-packed issue, so dive in and take a look around!

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Professional Photo Issue 184

Check out the latest issue of Professional Photo, which is once again brimming with great features, superb imagery and incisive input from our expert pro team. Our cover has been provided by master photographer Damian McGillicuddy, who will be judging the fashion and beauty category of Professional Photographer of the Year. Damian is sharing thoughts about how to get the best out of your model and providing some clues about what he’ll be looking out for at the judging stage, so tune in for some useful insights! Meanwhile, if you love landscape then you’re going to relish our Portfolio this month, which features stunning monochrome work from Indonesian-based photographer Hengki Koentjoro, while our Project feature traces the fascinating story of how portrait photographer Jenny Lewis sourced 100 people ranging from birth through to 100 to picture for her new ‘Portrait of a Community’ book. In Anatomy of a Picture Paul Wilkinson is recalling a commission that involved photographing a group of actors in such a way that they could be moved around within the composition for ultimate flexibility and Richard Bradbury is problem solving by talking through ways to achieve a professional level of sharpness in your images. On the software front we’re checking out presets, showing how Affinity Photo can deliver selective colour and testing out Zoner’s exciting new Photo Studio X package, while our big reviews this month focus on the pro-grade new Pentax K-3 Mark III and the hugely innovative Asus dual screen ZenBook Pro Duo 15, which is designed to zip through your post-production. There’s lots going on, so come take a look!

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Professional Photo Issue 183

Professional Photo has had a facelift, so check out our new look, enjoy our extra pages and feast on our fresh features as we reflect on the photographic business getting back into full swing. We’re talking to wedding photographers who are revealing how they’ve survived lockdown and are preparing to come back stronger, we’ve got an interview with Tim Dunk, who’s made such a success of virtual shoots over the past twelve months that he’s not contemplating going back, we’re marking the re-opening of The Fujifilm House of Photography and we’re looking at ways you can prepare your business to be better and stronger than ever before as the world starts to take its first steps back towards normality. We’re also talking to conservation photographer Daniel Beltra who is raising awareness of issues facing the planet while also producing some gorgeous eye-catching work, we’re sharing Anthony Lycett’s project that’s giving some of the most stylish and outlandish dressers out there the chance to show off their style and we’re also revealing our first Professional Photographer of the Year spot prize. We’re also running a full review of the magnificent new medium format Fujifilm GFX100S this month, so read our verdict on a camera that offers extraordinary quality for the cost of a 35mm-style mirrorless model. Jump in and take a look around: you won’t be disappointed!

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Professional Photo Issue 182

We are celebrating the fact that weddings have the go-ahead to start up again with a gorgeous cover from columnist Lisa Devlin and some thoughts from her about how you need to be looking carefully at your post-Covid pricing and the alignment of your business in the rapidly evolving wedding photography market. Meanwhile Spanish duo Anna and Daniel are showing us their portfolio of cunning architectural images that are not quite what they seem, Gemma Brunton is telling us about her project to photograph the resilience of children throughout the pandemic, we’re cheering on Team GB in the World Photography Cup and Paul Wilkinson is down the gym, talking about environmental portraits of the owner and trainers that he’s set up there. Software specialist Amy Leigh Atkins is casting her eye over DAM products, CVP expert Jake Ratcliffe is explaining why storage is such a crucial part of filmmaking, automotive photographer Simon Clay gives us the lowdown on his typical working week and we’ve got a full review of the Canon EOS C70, the replacement for the much-loved C100. It’s another action-packed issue so dive in and take a look!

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Professional Photo Issue 181

If you love iconic photography then you’ll appreciate the vintage image by master documentary photographer Larry Fink that features on our latest cover. A classic from his classic Social Graces series, Larry’s work is currently the subject of a huge retrospective in Cologne and we’ve got an exclusive interview with the great man, as well as a selection of some of his greatest work. This issue also sees the launch of our spectacular ‘Professional Photographer of the Year’ competition, the biggest event of its kind that we’ve ever run in the magazine, with over £8000 worth of prizes up for grabs. Top prize is a mouth-watering professional camera, the Panasonic S1R, so tune in and find out how you can put yourself in the running for this, with ten categories also there to be won. Meanwhile hard-working pro Richard Bradbury is explaining why you need to calibrate your cameras if you want to ensure you’re getting the very best results out of them, while software specialist Amy Leigh Atkins is kicking off a new series by providing an overview of the top professional editing packages currently on the market. Cameras tested out this month are the keenly priced and generously specified Fujifilm X-S10 and the Mark III version of Canon’s celebrated C300 cinema camera, so it’s another issue crammed with content that you can’t afford to miss out on!

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Professional Photo Issue 180

There’s a wintry feel to the latest issue of Professional Photo, with a stunning seal portrait by renowned wildlife photographer Daisy Gilardini adorning our cover and a full polar portfolio inside. We’re also talking to the legendary street photographer Joel Meyerowitz about his highly acclaimed Provincetown project, which saw him swap his discreet camera for a vintage large format model that entailed a completely different way of working. Continuing in the vintage vein, we’re also finding out how portrait specialist Paul Wilkinson created a timeless image of a renowned explorer, while our ‘Day in the Life’ this month goes behind the scenes with another portraitist, Rory Lewis. We’re also sharing the findings from a major new survey that reveals the numbers of professional photographers working in the UK and which goes into detail on how much you might expect to earn and the best time to market to your customers. There are some fascinating and engaging revelations, backed up by the personal stories of three working professionals, so pick up a copy of Issue 180 and find out more!

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Professional Photo Issue 179

Our first issue of 2021 is now out and our team of expert contributors is looking ahead to a time beyond lockdown and remaining resolutely optimistic about the year ahead. Lisa Devlin envisages the ten marketing steps that professionals will need to follow to build their businesses back up once customers are allowed through the door again, while star of stage and screen Bill Ward is showing off his insightful shots of the theatres he loves, as he unveils a book he’s produced to raise funds to help save them. We’re also peering over the shoulder of a professional food photographer to find out what a day in their life is actually like and we’re going all retro with Richard Bradbury as he recaptures the joy of an age gone by, when the Hasselblad was the tool of choice for most professionals. We’re also getting hands on with the eagerly awaited Olympus ED 150-400mm f/4.5, the lens that could change the face of wildlife and sports photography, so don’t miss our expert verdict. Lots to catch up on as always, so pick up a copy and jump in!

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Professional Photo Issue 178

We’ve got a striking and previously unpublished portrait from master photographer Steve McCurry on the cover of the latest issue of Professional Photo, plus a Portfolio of images from his latest book to admire, along with an exclusive interview. For all those who love great photography and yearn to start travelling again this is a story definitely not to miss! Our final issue of 2020 also features a fascinating catch up with legendary rock photographer Neal Preston, who spent more than a decade documenting Queen in their absolute pomp, blazing a trail across the US and South America. Gear on test includes the Canon EOS R6, a camera that has the potential to move the mirrorless market on to another level, while we’re also taking a long hard look at what you need on the hardware front to really get serious about editing your own video footage. Add to this our regular line-up of columnists, professional technique and the chance to go behind the scenes on a day with a photojournalist and you have the makings of another outstanding issue that you won’t want to miss!

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Professional Photo Issue 177

Catch up with the latest issue of Professional Photo, which features ‘lady in red’ Sophie Ellis Bextor on the cover. Inside you’ll find our usual eclectic mix of great stories, killer technique and informed kit reviews, and there’s plenty of food for thought as we find out how professionals are coping with the ongoing pressure of the pandemic, while we’re also considering fresh ideas that are designed to help you market your work online as fine art. Lisa Devlin talks about her strategy for coping with a wedding photography market where the goalposts are shifting every week it seems, while Michael O’Sullivan and Ed Collacott discuss how they’ve set about marketing their personal work to an appreciative audience that’s looking to buy. Meanwhile Julian Elliott reveals what a day in the life of a landscape photographer is really like, we run through what the best gimbals are for those moving into video production and we’re showcasing the painterly style of celebrated fine art photographer Christy Lee Rogers, who uses her swimming pool as her regular studio! Another great read, so make sure you pick up a copy!

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