Image: River Way, Road Block 2004. © Sarah Pickering

Curated by Professor Jean Wainwright and artist Steffi Klenz, Documents from the Edges of Conflict is an international group exhibition presenting the work of artists who capture and disseminate images of conflict and tension in world events.

The belief that it is possible to present conflict in an objective manner has given way to new photographic and lens-based counter-stories. In the face of global uncertainty, intolerance and polarization Documents from the Edges of Conflict presents artists seeking other ways of approaching conflict and dispute – through film and photography. The exhibition takes the viewer on a new visual route through the field of documentary, exploring the various meanings of the word ‘document’.

Subjects include the impact of political decisions and divisions; newspaper and media reports of traumatic events; contested boundaries and borders such as those between Palestine and Israel and Mexico and the US, and the influence of aggressive world leaders. These often stark and revealing lens-based works provide an alternative and contemplative visual response to the consequences of our social and political histories.

The exhibition runs until February 25, at the James Hockey Gallery, University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Falkner Road, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7DS.



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