THE MARCH OF THE mirrorless camera has proceeded apace over the past few years, creating a strong rival to the DSLR that represents the very best of cutting-edge technology. Models are not just feature packed they’re also much smaller and lighter and, as this new compact form factor has started to dominate, the need has arisen for a modern family of lenses that have been designed from the ground up to partner them.

One of those that has taken up this challenge with relish is Sigma, which looked at the changing nature of the market and carried out extensive research to make sure that it delivered a solution that was completely in tune with what photographers were looking for. The message coming back was loud and clear and three-fold: lenses designed for mirrorless cameras had to likewise be compact, they had to deliver exceptional optical performance and they needed to feature excellent build quality.

It was a tall order, but Sigma went away and made the huge investment necessary to design and then create from the ground up a brand-new optical family that delivers on every level. Available in L and E mounts, the four lenses in the I-series are all primes and are all part of Sigma’s Contemporary range. The quality they offer in terms of compact design, optical performance and build quality – an all-metal design rather than the plastic mouldings often chosen to keep the weight down on larger DSLR lenses – ensures they tick all of the boxes in terms of meeting the expectations of serious mirrorless users.

Meet the I Family…

Featuring a compact design similar to that of the 45mm f/2.8 DG DN, the 24mm, despite its size, is capable of capturing the finest details when used in combination with high resolution full-frame cameras. With a short minimum focusing distance of 10.8cm and a maximum reproduction ratio of 1:2, it enables photographers to shoot freely without being limited by how close they can get to their subject.

This classic wide-standard prime is a kitbag essential that offers stunning optical performance. Its modest size and weight makes it portable enough to be carried around in a small kitbag for day-to-day shooting, but its outstanding optical design and impressive build quality make it equally suited to heavy professional use..

Spherical aberration has been finely controlled in this useful lens and this, combined with a 7-blade rounded diaphragm, ensures that it’s possible to achieve beautiful smooth bokeh, while a minimum focusing distance of 24cm enables close ups to be achieved with ease.

With an unusual but versatile focal length, this optic is the perfect mid-point between standard primes and classic portrait lenses and is ideal for any application that requires a short telephoto focal length. Its outstanding optical quality can capture extremely fine detail even wide open and it produces large and round bokeh.

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