Professional Photo Wedding Photographer of the Year contest.

The winners of the first two categories have been announced in a contest in which the overall winner will win an AsukaBook Zenbook and category winners also winning Asukabook individual prizes.

First Category ‘Breaking The Rules’ was won by Lisa Byrne of Holly and Lime

“This image of Rosie was taken as she was getting ready to leave for the ceremony. I have always loved a portrait with good window light against a blue wall. For this photo, I thought it would be nice to experiment with textures and light leaks and I shot a few frames as Rosie naturally moved and admired her dress. Liking a few of them, I decided to combine them, creating a multiple exposure. I love the light on her and finished it off with a light leak layer in post.”

Lisa Devlin: “This is a shot that definitely breaks the rules. People think bridal portraits should be ‘natural’ but here the bride’s face is obscured throughout, while the light leak should be one element too many but it somehow works.”

Gillian from The Curries: “This is a definite rule breaker as it combines a classic bridal portrait with a modern technique. It’s elegant, warm and has a slightly retro vibe. It shows real planning and deliberate execution by the photographer at what can be an extremely stressful time – shooting on a wedding morning!”

Rosie by Lisa Byrne

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Second Category – “Contemporary couples” was won by MAIRÉAD MCDAID, REMAIN IN LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY

“I love to create photographs for my couples that highlight the importance of the place they’ve chosen to get married in, as this is often very meaningful to them. This photograph was taken in the city of St. John’s in Newfoundland, the bride’s hometown. Traditionally a fishing town, word has it that paint left over from the boats was then used to paint the houses, and so the city is filled with beautiful brightly-coloured buildings of all shades. One particularly famous area is Jelly Bean Row, where this photo was taken. I love incorporating lines and symmetry into my images and so this location was a dream to photograph in. I wanted to emphasise this even more with a reflection, which I created by using the screen of my phone.”

Lisa Devlin: “For me, it’s our winner thanks to the photographer’s use of block colour, symmetry and keeping it simple. Yes the reflection is a technique that we’ve all seen done many times before but I think here it’s been used to good effect. The frame has been filled with the buildings and the photographer has made good use of their strong colours without losing the couple.”

Guest Judge Lisa Jane: “While the reflection shot has been done many times before, this feels very considered. I love the photographer’s use of colour and symmetry and the reflection extends the colour, allowing the couple to stand out.”

Natasha and Beat by Maread McDaid

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