To celebrate 12 years of providing the very best in photography education we decided to give something back: Welcome to our new FREE photography course:

We’ve completely re-filmed and remastered our incredible ‘Introduction to Photography’ course for 2020. It’s completely free and sure to get your creative and camera skills buzzing! Watch the video above for lots more info.
✅10 exciting knowledge-packed chapters
✅Just click play for immediate access
✅No sign up required to watch

FREE Photography Course Chapters:

✔️How cameras work
✔️Understanding Exposure
✔️Shutter Speeds
✔️Aperture Depth-of-field
✔️Using your camera in full manual
✔️Lenses focal lengths
✔️Understanding Light
✔️ISO megapixels sensors
✔️Photography composition


We’ve also included a FREE, 25 question assessment and a FREE comprehensive 90-page supplementary guide. This download provides an abundance of useful information and infographics to use in conjunction with this course to further enhance your learning. (Requires an email subscription.)

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