Free Filmmaking E-Book!

If you’re one of the many professional photographers now taking a closer look at working in a hybrid way across both stills and motion then you can’t afford to be missing our incredible, and totally free e-book, ‘Getting Started in Filmmaking.’

Based around the ‘Moving Towards Motion’ series we’ve been running over the past couple of years with top professional video solutions provider CVP, the book is designed to deliver the perfect introduction regarding how to take your first steps into the world of filmmaking, and covers everything from which lenses to work with, and how to introduce movement into your footage, through to which steadying devices to consider. It also covers the best lights to be working with and how to get involved in Run ‘Gun’ filmmaking, and we’re even looking to explain the mysteries of codecs and frame rates.

This is a high-value publication that also features a large selection of CVP’s excellent video productions accompanying each chapter. These videos are in page and ready to view in the online version. You can also download the static PDF version to read at your leisure.

You are warmly invited to view the E-Book below. We hope you enjoy the read, and if you like what you see then don’t miss out on this regular series as it continues in the magazine every month, and feel free to contact the experts at CVP to book your own no-commitment and brand-agnostic appraisal of your personal filmmaking requirements.

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