Audio specialist Sennheiser is sponsoring the Video Live Theatre at The Video Show, which runs alongside TPS. Call in to check out some  great products and to learn from our experts!

The Photography/Video show has now been postponed until September.

IT’S A FACT: videos and movies with poor quality sound get a worse reaction from audiences, even if the image happens to be top quality. The good news is that today capturing high-quality sound to go with brilliant visuals is quick, easy and straightforward when one has the right set of equipment; one that can withstand the rigours of the field and is robustly built.

Following on from the success of last year’s Video Show, where Sennheiser’s XS Wireless Digital system won the Best In Show award and over 1,000 people entered a contest on the Sennheiser stand to win one of its acclaimed systems, the world renowned audio specialist will be attending the 2020 show for the fourth year running.

Sennheiser will be showcasing its full range of wireless microphones that’s designed to provide professional quality audio for video, including XS Wireless Digital, AVX, and evolution wireless G4. On top of that, the company will also have its latest line up of shotgun/on-camera mics on display, namely the MKE 400, MKE 440 stereo mic, MKE 600, MKH 416 and MKH 8000 series.


XS Wireless Digital provides videographers with an easy entry into wireless audio. Designed for DSLRs, mirrorless models and video cameras alike, XSW-D enables wireless audio with a 2.4 GHz wireless link, which can be used worldwide without a license, so a filmmaker can roam free with a range of four systems to choose from or select à la carte from individual components.


IN ORDER TO ENCOURAGE even more people to attend the show this year, Sennheiser is offering a discount code


which can be used to receive 20% off the entry ticket fee. Simply order your ticket online on the TPS website and then input the code at check out.

Additionally, as this year marks Sennheiser’s 75th Anniversary, the company will be offering incredible savings on selected wired microphones, wireless systems and headphones. In many instances, discounts will approach 40%, 50% or even more off the MSRP, with regular updates on its new product of the month being posted on the campaign website

The fourth generation evolution wireless series makes professional wireless technology even more simple, flexible and reliable. Filmmakers can enjoy a system that has the potential to grow with them, and that brings advanced features to the EW Series, expanding this industry-standard system into a fully professional, yet cost-effective solution that filmmakers, videographers, and journalists can rely on – even in challenging shooting environments like big cities.

Meanwhile Sennheiser’s AVX digital wireless microphone system is the easy solution to getting great audio for your video recordings. With a receiver that

plugs right into the camera’s XLR audio connections (or 1/8in input using the included adapter) and virtually no set-up, AVX makes getting your videos the audio it deserves easy. Additionally, with 1.9GHz digital wireless operation, the AVX systems stay well out of range of other digital transmission devices that usually flood other frequency ranges, which can leave the audio susceptible to such things as signal dropouts and interference.

One of the most basic ways to immediately improve the sound quality of a video camera is to utilise an external, on-camera microphone. The microphone that’s built into the camera is typically of low quality and usually picks up lots of handling noise, such as the sound of fingers and hands touching the camera. An external microphone can provide better overall sound quality. It can be directional and reject unwanted sounds from the sides, or it can be isolated from the body of the camera with an elastic shock mount.

Sennheiser offers a complete line-up of the microphones that can fit compact camcorders and HDSLRs and mirrorless cameras with mini-plug microphone inputs, as well as professional XLR-based shotgun microphones. The company’s MKE series of microphones offer great sound quality to budget-conscience users, whilst the MKH series of microphones feature RF condenser transducers, which provide low-noise performance and weather-resistant operation.

Alongside its ongoing product demonstrations, Sennheiser will also be hosting a series of informative live panels at The Video Show, to demonstrate how filmmakers can achieve better sound for better videos. The company’s sponsorship of the Video Live Theatre, which hosts between 200 and 300 visitors, has been incredibly popular over the past few years, and for the 2020 event sessions will run every hour, across all four days of the show and will see some of the industry’s most prominent filmmakers talk about the importance of audio in their filmmaking.

Those taking to the stage to share their expertise include specialists such as internet filmmaker Andy Burgess who will talk about the importance of audio in storytelling; Tania Esteban, a specialist in wildlife filmmaking who has recently visited Papua New Guinea, Mexico and Japan; and two friends and filmmakers Ryan Say, a director, videographer, drone pilot, video consultant and photographer, and videographer and commercial content creator, Dillon Osborne.

For those looking to get a more technical overview of audio equipment for video, Sennheiser will be hosting sessions on its Sennheiser Sound Academy Stage, which can be found on stand A114, where expert John McGregor will cover topics such as ‘Microphone Basics’ and ‘Going Wireless’ during 20-minute sessions through the day.

The Video Live Stage and Sennheiser Sound Academy Stage will appeal to both professional and aspiring filmmakers alike, who will be able to enjoy four days of talks from industry experts on the vital ingredients for recording audio, whether you’re shooting interviews, weddings, documentaries, web content or corporate marketing materials.

The Video Show’s final timetable and schedules of the Sennheiser Sound Academy and Video Live stage presentations will be available on as the date of the show approaches, so keep checking to see what’s happening!

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