If you want your fine art reproduced to the highest of standards, one easy way to ensure the highest level of quality is to use Hahnemühle’s fully-featured new app.

WHETHER YOU’VE ARRIVED AT your fine art end result using digital methods or, like the photographers we’re been talking to in our film photography special feature this month, you’ve originated your work using classic silver halide methods, output as a print is still the final step that can make or break your vision. It makes no sense at all to lovingly create your file only to then take less care over how it’s presented, and so you need to either acquire the skills to output prints yourself or source a top-quality lab to do the job for you.

Media of choice is another prime consideration and, if you’re printing digitally, as so many of those who are originating their images using film methods are choosing to do, then a new app introduced by Hahnemühle could be the perfect partner to either help you create the best possible print yourself or to locate a lab whose quality standards match your own.

Available for both Android or iOS users the new app, which can be found on the Hahnemühle website or via the app store, is free to download and comes with a whole raft of indispensable features for the fine art printer working with Hahnemühle papers.

One of the key aims of the app is to provide easy and straightforward access to useful information and frequently asked questions, and there’s also a search function where you can enter keywords to get feedback on specific issues. Also on board is a facility to source ICC-Profiles for all the paper grades in the company’s range, which is then sent direct to your email ready for installation. It simplifies the whole process and can save huge amounts of time.

Once downloaded you can share events that you’re part of to the wider community and also create an individual Hahnemühle ID, allowing you to bookmark articles from the knowledge section of the database.

Another crucial benefit of the app is the facility it offers to access details of labs that have signed up to Hahnemühle’s exclusive fine art printing network. To become a member of the Hahnemühle Excellence Program a lab has to demonstrate that it can offer not just printing excellence but also consistency and outstanding customer service, while working with the top-quality line-up of Hahnemühle inkjet papers.

“This isn’t something given away easily,” says Chris Rose, MD at CC Imaging, a Hahnemühle Certified Studio. “To be on the list you need to go through a vetting procedure, which includes everything from knowledge, experience, type of machinery used, the environment we work in and the consistency and quality of our printing. It’s a great honour to be on the list.” It’s your guarantee that, if you’re not handling your own printing requirements, you’ll be able to work with a lab that takes its quality standards very seriously indeed, and you know that you’ll receive prints back that do full justice to your vision.

Sign up for the free Hahnemühle app and you’ll acquire a valuable tool that can partner you in your search for the highest levels of print production.

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