Winning Photo “Rosie” by Lisa Byrne. Opens in a lightbox.


Cue the big drum roll: it’s been tough and hard fought but we can now reveal the winners of our Wedding Photographer and Young Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards!

T’S BEEN FOUGHT OUT over six tough rounds and there have been some amazing images that have fallen by the wayside, but in the end there could only be one winner, so step forward Lisa Byrne from Derry-based Holly and Lime!

Our two judges, Lisa Devlin from Photography Farm and Kat Williams from Rock ‘n Roll Bride were unanimous in their praise of Lisa’s winning shot. “It was by far my favourite of the six finalists,” says Kat. “It’s creative and shows a unique perspective on a shot taken on every single wedding day.”

Lisa agreed. “To me it was the most innovative and least obvious image in the entries,” she commented. “The creative has come entirely from the photographer’s mind and not from the environment or any props. It’s a

challenging frame to have accomplished well but also for the viewer to translate. It’s rich, graphic and I love the element of mystery. Despite the bride appearing multiple times in the frame we still do not really know what she looks like. That’s very clever.”

WINNING STYLE: Pro Photo Wedding Photographer of the year

Lisa Byrne

Lisa from Holly and Lime took her winning shot as the bride Rosie was getting ready to leave for the ceremony. “I wanted to experiment with textures and light leaks,” she says. “I shot a few frames as Rosie naturally moved and admired her dress. Liking a few of them, I decided to combine them, creating a multiple exposure of sorts. I love the light on her and finished it off with a light leak layer in post.”

Lisa’s unique style comes from the days when she worked with film and she loved the grain and light leaks that sometimes came with using ‘toy’ cameras like Holgas. When she began to work with digital she wanted to emulate that kind of look in her images at the editing stage. “When I met Rosie and her now husband Anthony I knew we had similar interests in music and film, particularly Twin Peaks. I was never sure if the couples who hired me would want anything too removed from a ‘traditional’ portrait but in this case they were happy to go along with it.”


This award goes to Jade Touron, who only started her wedding photography business in July 2018.  “The image has nice storytelling appeal and there’s a strong connection between the couple,” says Lisa. “It’s perfectly framed and it makes great use of the location. The bird is that final element that gives interest to this shot and it shows a juxtaposition between the natural and man-made.”

“Shooting weddings for me is getting the balance between capturing those images that get the central spot on the mantelpiece, usually couple portraits, but also the equally important storytelling element,” says Jade. “This photo was taken at Prescott Hill Climb, on a bridge going over the race track. I love the circular frames overhead: the backdrop feels contemporary but is still soft with the curves, adding to the romance. It was the magic hour, so the sun was low, and putting the subjects in the shadows allowed them to become silhouettes. This is further enhanced by the drama and contrast of the black and white edit. By chance there was a moment when a bird flew into the frame, and this added a beautiful detail.”

Jade Touron

By Pro Photo Young Wedding Photographer of The Year winner Jade Touron.

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