Arriving with a fanfare from Mitsubishi is a brand new printer, with the hope that it will revolutionise the event market and encourage still more photographers into this potentially lucrative sector.

Packed with features and designed from the ground up to be a machine that can cope with the stresses and pressures of a live event, the new CP-M1 E is extremely compact, with a footprint of just 0.105m2 and it’s also robust, with highly efficient dustproofing to prevent the danger of dots appearing on prints, a feature that will make it a hit with those running photo booths.

It also boasts a new rewind function that’s designed to optimise the amount of 4x6in prints that can be achieved on a roll, and the maximum capacity is an impressive 750 prints.

Thought has also gone into the design, and it’s now possible to change paper rolls from the front with the machine having to be removed from a booth, and it’s such a simple process that no training is required. It also outputs very high quality prints: PP was given a demonstration at Mitusbishi’s north London HQ and the results are noticeably sharper than before.

All very impressive, but perhaps the biggest selling point is the price: the retail price given for the CP-M1 E at the time of going to press was £570 plus VAT, with the deal being sweetened by the the inclusion of a roll of paper. Given that this could output up to 750 prints, there’s a very good chance the printer could pay for itself virtually immediately.

The printer is available now and more information is on the Mitsubishi website.

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