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Owner of So Smart Media and publisher and owner of Professional Photo Magazine. Freelance writing and photography, working for publications such as The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, The Guardian Weekend Magazine, The Evening Standard and The Independent.
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Given the opportunity to work with the Panasonic S1R Adam Parker negotiated access to an historic London location that served as the perfect backdrop to an atmospheric fashion shoot.

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As a tribute to legendary photographer Terry O’Neill who passed away on November 16, 2019 we’re re-running an interview Professional Photo editor Terry Hope carried out with him for the magazine back in 2010.

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Landscape photographer and trainer Rachael Talibart requires hi-res files to produce her exquisite fine art prints, and she took the Panasonic S1R for a spin to see what it had to offer.

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Gareth Sambridge embodies the modern breed of professional in that increasingly he’s required to shoot both stills and film, and we asked him to give the Panasonic Lumix S1’s hybrid capabilities a whirl.

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Professional Photo interviews wildlife photographer Andy Rouse to supplement our Issue 164 article Into The Wild in which Andy talks about his change to the MFT Olympus E-M1X.

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In for the first of a new series that celebrates Panasonic’s new S sereis loan scheme we sent lifestyle portrait photographer Rachel Thornhill out on a shoot with the S1 and 50mm f/1.4.

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Above is extra video content for Mike Inkley’s ‘Carry on Shooting’ article in Professional Photo Magazine Issue 162.

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Taking a leaf out of the books of the eye-popping theatrics that regularly define software launches in the US, Serif put on a show at its Nottingham HQ that introduced the world to its latest Affinity updates.

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Which latest breed of mirrorless cameras is best for shooting moving images?

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Imaging is at the heart of the latest One Vision smartphone to be launched by Motorola. The main camera on board features a 48MP f/1.7 sensor with optical image stabilisation, and it employs Quad Pixel technology to produce high quality12MP images.

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