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Contributing Editor to Professional Photo magazine, Matty Graham is a professional photographer and content creator. Having worked in the magazine industry for 15 years, Matty specialises in travel, landscape and wildlife photography, along with film-making.
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If you’ve shot a gorgeous landscape but are stuck with a bland and uninspiring sky then it’s time to find a replacement and to liven up your shot with a touch of Affinity Photo magic.

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Our latest Affinity Workshop covers off how to create a stunning panorama from a number of components using the facilities provided by Affinity Photo. The entire process is straightforward and can take just a matter of a few minutes to complete.

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If you’re working with a macro subject and are struggling to achieve the depth of field that you need then a solution could be to use the Focus Merging facility offered by Affinity Photo…

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The 360-degree image has a whole host of commercial applications and there are an increasing number of specialist cameras that can produce these distinctive pictures. While editing can throw up some issues Affinity Photo is well up to the task, and Matty Graham shows how straightforward postprocessing these files can be.

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There are times when haze can look amazing and atmospheric and other times when it can simply wipe out a key shot. There are ways to save shots when all seems lost and we take a walkthrough with Affinity Photo to see how straightforward and quick it can be to salvage a shot in just a few simple steps.

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For architectural photographers or even those shooting weddings with a tall church tower in the background the issue of converging verticals is a very real one and it can make or break an image.

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Do you sometimes have the need for more dynamic range in your scene? If then look no further: Affinity Photo makes it easy to create an HDR image using multiple files.

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Professional Photo Contributing Editor Matty Graham heads for the Lincolnshire coast armed with Olympus’ newest O-MD camera…

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Affinity Photo makes it easy to achieve stunning black and white shots from your colour originals. Matty Graham’s latest workshop shows how it’s possible to turn a colour original into a monochrome classic.

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Serif’s latest v1.7 of Affinity Photo offers an awesome package of editing tools for the professional photographer, and all for a one-off payment of £48.99. This episode Portrait Fix.