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Dave Kai-Piper is a British born photographer living in Ireland. His work is based in the portraiture world with fashion and beauty elements blended together. When not working he is exploring the world on two wheels shooting and documenting the world around him. Over the years he has been an ambassador for Fujifilm, SmugMug, 3 Legged Thing, Peli Cases, Trek Pak and many more international brands, alongside teaching photography at Wolverhampton University + writing for many known publications about the world of photography. Current // Marketing Manager @ RAWex Former News Editor at Former Lecturer at Wolverhampton University. Former Fujifilm Ambassador (X-Photographer)
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Dave Kai-Piper
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What does ‘third party’ means to you in terms of quality?

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Dave Kai-Piper Blog: Why being comfortable with manual focus is important.

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We headed out to shoot the sunrise, but it didn’t go quite to plan.

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Ireland is an amazing place with a deep cultural connection to the land. When I first started travelling over here, I started to see these amazing old cottages and old abandoned houses.

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The retouching toolkit makes my images better – this post is about why.

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Personal projects can be great ways to sharpen your skills, keep your creative flow and tell stories.

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The fastest way I have found to find great colour