The Nikon School Online has launched its new and improved website. Designed with Nikon delegates in mind, it’s now even easier to navigate through online courses, from virtual photography tours exploring scenic landscapes, to technical tutorials. In addition, ‘on location’ courses will be added over the coming months. Discover the new ‘Reviews’ tab to see how other participants fared, as well as the improved ‘Hints & Tips’ section for tech tips, or as a source of inspiration.

To mark the occasion, customers can use code NIKONSCHOOLNEW20 for 20% off one online-only course. And if you’re missing the outdoors, book a virtual photography tour where you can visit scenic landscapes from the comfort of your home, and get £20 off any future ‘on location’ course.

Here’s a taster of new online courses yet to come:

How to:

How to: Black and White Photography

How to: Dog Photography

How to: Print Fine Art Images


Mastering the Z 6II & Z 7II part 1 and 2

Mastering the Z 6 & Z 7 Part 1 and 2

Getting Started with:

Getting Started with the Z 5

Digital Darkroom:

Digital Darkroom: Introduction to Capture One Pt. 1 and 2

Digital Darkroom: Introduction to Lightroom Classic pt. 1 and 2




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