KlickStart is a series of offers from One Vision Imaging that’s designed to allow photographers to plan and launch a marketing campaign the very first day that normality starts to return. The beauty of it is that it’s not time specific, i.e. starts on ‘X’ and ends in ‘Y’ as none of us know when we will be able to get back to work. These initiatives therefore will start the day the Government relax the Lockdown and One Vision Imaging opens its doors for business again. Each offer will also run for three months after the starting date so plenty of time is built in for photographers to execute their campaigns.    

There is perhaps no better time than now to encourage portraiture. Portraiture of your loved ones, mums, dads, brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, friends and even pets.  

Running for three months from the day One Vision Imaging re-opens its doors for business, the offer includes;

  • 30% OFF Box Frames, Canvas Wraps and Traditional Framing on the most popular sizes, which are 20×16” and 24×20″.
  • There are NO LIMITS on how many times you can order   
  • Use code KS30P at checkout to claim your 30% off.

Putting a USB into a laptop or sitting around an iPad is no substitution for turning the page of a full size and beautifully crafted Wedding Album. With so much disruption to this sector One Vision Imaging wants to do its bit to encourage a kick start.  

Running for three months from the day One Vision Imaging’s doors are re-opened for business the offer is;

  • 20% OFF Wedding Albums
    (excluding Britannia)
  • No size limitations, ALL sizes are available
  • NO LIMITS on how many you can order
  • Use code KS20W when completing your purchase via One Vision Creator to claim your 20% off.

During ‘Lockdown’ we’ve all desperately missed the great outdoors. It’s made us all appreciate the absolute beauty surrounding us that Mother nature has provided. It’s perhaps also taught us the health benefits of being amongst beautiful surroundings. We like to think that landscape photography will therefore see a surge in sales.     

Running for three months from the day One Vision Imaging re-opens its doors for business the offer is;

  • 30% OFF Acrylic Box Frames, Panoramic Traditional Framing and the brand new Multi Panel Wall Art
  • No size limitations, ALL sizes are available
  • NO LIMITS on how many you can order

Use code KS30L at checkout to claim your 30% off.

Klick Start Your Campaign

  1. Consider your target market, who are you going to sell to? Create a comprehensive list of contacts. (Names, addresses, e-mail and telephone numbers)
  2. Using One Vision Imaging’s KlickStart campaign, consider what your offer will be.
  3. Think about the most effective way to make contact (email, mail order, phone call).
  4. Consider whether or not you require any literature (physical or electronic) to back up your campaign.

Be ready to execute your plan from Day 1!

If you would like to discuss your plan in more detail or you have any questions about One Vision’s KlickStart campaign email info@onevisionimaging.com and request a call back.   

Printing and Manufacturing Update

One Vision has now restarted a limited printing and manufacturing service using a skeleton staff and adhering to social distancing rules. Where ordinarily there would be over 25 production staff working, numbers will be limited to just five, with MD Derek Poulston and fellow directors going back to the shop floor along with a few colleagues to enable this to happen.

During these last few difficult weeks we have received hundreds of requests from customers desperate for printing to recommence,” says Derek. “Online sales throughout the UK are booming and photographers are rightfully needing to offer a service to their clients and they cannot do this if we don’t play our part.    

Naturally you may experience some delays to your orders (the odd day or two) and it’s quite possible that some lines opened up may have to be shut down at short notice. This might be due to our suppliers not being able to supply components or materials. Rest assured however, we will do everything we possibly can to print and manufacture your orders.”

  • The service is due to start on April 20 and will be available for online orders only.

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