professional photo issue 159

Our latest issue is bursting at the seams with fresh features, informed opinion and great professional technique, so make sure you take a look inside! Dave Kai Piper is giving the fashion photographer’s perspective on new rules from Instagram that could limit his ability to share images while Rotolight is sharing some of the secrets of its upcoming line up of new products. Meanwhile Martin Parr is recalling the time he shot wedding pictures while master portrait photographer Paul Wilkinson is kicking off his new advanced lighting series. We’re also looking at the cameras you should be considering if you want a reliable back up. Lots of great content so feel free to dive in!

Computer Says No

Instagram is changing its rules on how images might be shared, and while this could have the desired effect of removing pornography from the Internet might it also limit the ability of edgy photographers out there to show off work that’s a million miles away from being offensive? We asked Dave Kai Piper for his views on the latest developments and social media in general.

Pro Lighting Technique

Our new lighting masterclass series from top portrait specialist Paul Wilkinson will show you how to achieve high end, highly saleable results from all manner of challenging lighting situations. We start with a look at working with natural light outside when the sun is high in the sky and decidedly unflattering, and Paul demonstrates how the most unlikely of settings can make a dynamic backdrop.

Not a Wedding Photographer

Ian Weldon makes it very clear to his clients that he’s not your average wedding photographer, but then again he’s twice been named one of the best 100 wedding photographers in the world so how has he achieved that status? We talk to him about his approach and how it is that the legendary Martin Parr has now collaborated in the production of a book and is putting his work on show at his gallery in Bristol.

Be The Business

Our new section aims to show you how to master marketing and to give your business the boost it needs without having to spend a fortune. Taking us through the minefield of approaches to consider this month are Donal Doherty, Melissa Love and Julia Boggio, and we’ll be showing the ten ways you can shake up your business, talking about turning your website into a selling machine and covering off why it’s so important to network.

The Ideal Back Up

No professional should ever venture out on a paid job without having a back up of some kind to get them out of a sticky situation should a piece of kit let them down without notice. We walk through the top systems and take a look at the cameras you should be considering if you’re looking for something compatible that won’t end up costing you a fortune.

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