Professional Photo Magazine Professional Photo 164 Print A majestic polar bear is our cover star this month, a glorious wildlife study by renowned photographer Andy Rouse, who is the subject of our Portfolio feature this month.

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Professional Photo 164 Print

A majestic polar bear is our cover star this month, a glorious wildlife study by renowned photographer Andy Rouse, who is the subject of our Portfolio feature this month.
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We’ve got a wildlife cover this month and a very striking image it is too. This dynamic shot was taken by acclaimed photographer Andy Rouse, and what might be of particular interest to others that have the need to travel light to reach the places where they might be able to shoot pictures such as this, is the fact that he worked with an Olymous E-M1X MFT model. Everything he needed for a recent trip fitted into a single backpack that weighed under five kilos and yet the pictures he brought back were well up to his usual high professional standards. If you don’t believe me check out Andy’s Portfolio feature this month: food for thought for sure. Our theme this month is the Associations and the UK is blessed with a wide range of professional bodies that offer superb support along with such things as training, network opportunities and the chance to stretch yourself by going for distinctions. Richard Bradbury is revealing the nuts and bolts of what each has to offer the pro and it’s a fascinating read that will help you make your choices. Also in this issue we’re looking at back-up cameras for recces, widescreen.

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At Home in the Wild

Andy Rouse talks about a career spent pursuing wildlife across the planet and how photography has enabled him to live the dream. We’re featuring a stunning eight-page portfolio of his recent work, all shot with the Olympus E-M1X camera that’s at the centre of his new outfit. Andy talks technique, explains why he’s an animal hugger at heart and talks about how his entire kit for an overseas shoot can fit easily into a carry on bag.

  • Don’t miss Andy Rouse’s in-depth online interview that accompanies this feature.

Food for Thought

Food specialist and filmmaker Gavin Sambidge is the latest professional to take on the Panasonic shoot, where it’s possible to borrow a camera and lenses from the full frame mirrorless S-System for two weeks to undertake a project. Gavin used the S1 and the 50mm f/1.4 on a series of beautiful commercial still lives and talks candidly about his experience with the camera. Read the full story of the shoot and sign up to borrow the kit yourself here.

On Location Corporate Headshots

Concluding his mini-series on lighting corporate headshots, master portrait photographer Paul Wilkinson turns his focus to shots on location, in offices, kitchens and the great outdoors. Complete with detailed lighting diagrams, Paul explains how to get the best out of every situation and talks you through the techniques you need to deal with even the trickiest of assignments!


Finishing Portraits in Affinity

Our latest Affinity Photo workshop takes on the issue of portrait retouching and walks you through every stage of the process of taking an image straight out of camera and turning it into a strong, fully finished commercial image that will delight the client. It’s all presented in simple step-by-step mode and you can take a look at the video version of the process by heading here.

Sign up for Support!

Our massive eight-page section covers all of the major professional bodies out there and explains what each of them has to offer and the type of photographer that they’re catering for. We’ve got sections on the AOP, the Guild of Photographers, The RPS, the BIPP, The Societies, the MPA and the UK Professional Photographers and you’ll find everything you need to know about each of them, including the awards and training they offer, the criteria for joining and what it will cost.

Best of Back-Ups

As a professional your main camera is likely to be a high-end, high megapixel model that weighs a ton and costs a fortune, but you also need a lighter and more nimble camera for tasks such as a recce or test shots on the road. We’ve gathered together a selection of models that will serve as the perfect B-Cam and have explained what each of them has to offer the demanding pro.

Wide Boys

The modern trend for monitors is towards stretched out versions that can effectively be two conventionally sized monitors side-by-side without the annoying join in the middle. Specialist computer hardware reviewer Mike Jennings takes a look at models from Samsung, Philips and Asus and asks which of them has the most to offer the professional who has photofinishing on their mind.

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