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This month’s cover was shot especially for the magazine by renowned fashion photographer Adam Parker using Panasonic’s mighty S1R FF Mirrorless camera and we’ve got the full story of the shoot and lots more images inside.
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This month’s cover was shot especially for the magazine by renowned fashion photographer Adam Parker using Panasonic’s mighty S1R FF Mirrorless camera and we’ve got the full story of the shoot and lots more images inside. Our final issue of 2019 is a hybrid special, reflecting the fact that so many professional photographers these days are now being asked to provide high quality video to their clients, and we’ve got a wide selection of stories that tap into this theme. There’s a major new filmmaking series kicking off in this issue and we’re talking to professionals like Steve Giralt, David Newton and Jim Marks, who now regularly mix stills and motion skills. We’re also testing out the exciting new Sigma fp hybrid model and we’re revealing the best hybrid cameras for the pro so take a look to see the new opportunities that are opening up!

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Where Science Meets Art

New York-based photographer Steve Giralt is a truly modern multimedia operator, producing high quality stills alongside video for commercials and he’s also embraced the very latest cutting edge technology in his studio, employing a team of robot assistants to handle his lighting requirements. Find out all about his incredible career and take a look at some of his awesome commercials and see his robot team in action here.



Filmmaking’s irresistible rise

Just as it was ultimately impossible to resist the inexorable rise of digital photography when it swept traditional silver halide film before it, so the arrival of motion into the world of still photography is inevitable, and you need to consider whether you should join the trend before it’s too late. Our new six-part series will be looking at the new opportunities that are now presenting themselves from every angle and we’re starting off by talking to professional photographers who have already made the motion journey. Take a look at the first feature in the series here.


One Stop Shop

If you’re looking to make the move into filmmaking from a standing start then it can make sense to invest in an outfit that’s been pieced together by experts with a view to getting you started. Nikon’s Z 6 Essential Movie Kit comes with the Z 6 at its heart plus accessories such as a dedicated SmallRig stabiliser and an Atomos Ninja V recording monitor to enable the full potential of the camera to be realised and we’re tying this in with a fantastic free day’s training at the famous Nikon School that’s exclusively been arranged for Professional Photo readers. Find out full details and sign up for one of the strictly limited places here.


Hybrid Heroes

Sigma’s dynamic new fp is the world’s smallest and lightest full frame camera and it not only offers exceptional still quality but, at the flick of a switch, it’s also a high end cinema camera, capable of shooting Raw footage, and all this for under £2000! We put the camera under the microscope to see what it has to offer and we also present a line-up of hybrid cameras that have enough under the bonnet to serve the professional requirements of those looking to offer their clients both stills and video.


Video Accessories

Naturally you don’t just need a camera that can shoot high-end video, you also need to invest in the accessories that can help you to set up an efficient filmmaking business and our Buyers’ Guide has rounded up some of the best out there. We’ve got everything here from a specialist video bags through to powerful LED lights, mighty storage options, a high-end audio recorder, stabilisers and dedicated video tripods. In short, everything you need to set yourself up as a fully-fledged filmmaking professional!

Delivering Dynamic Range

If you’re photographing a scene that’s got a contrast range that will defeat even the most well-specified modern camera then you need to turn to postproduction to get you out of a hole.

Matty Graham uses his latest Affinity Photo tutorial to demonstrate how efficient this software is at enabling HDR and you can catch his full video tutorial here.

Time To Experiment

Paul Wilkinson’s unmissable Lighting Masterclass series continues with a look at how portraits can be brought indoors in the winter months and lit with gear that doesn’t necessarily have to be conventional. Check out his professional-looking results that have been achieved using lighting kit that ranges from household fluorescent tubes through to a string of Christmas Fairy Lights!


Hot Shot

Ever wondered who might be out there on the front line shooting stills and video when it’s far too dangerous for the civilian press to be involved? We catch up with multi prizewinning army photographer Tom Evans, who shows us some of his incredible imagery and talks us through the professional life he leads, which covers everything from action in some of the world’s most dangerous trouble spots through to being selected to be the Prime Minister’s official photographer.

Competition – Portraits, Best of Black and White.

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