Professional Photo Magazine Professional Photo 167 Print Introducing our second digital-only special and this one is similarly heaving with unmissable content.

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Professional Photo 167 Print

Introducing our second digital-only special and this one is similarly heaving with unmissable content.
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Our first issue of the New Year sees us heading beneath the waves with fine art photographer Lexi Laine, who introduces us to her underwater world where both she and her models practice freediving for up to three-and-a-half minutes at a time. And the results are amazing! We’re also kicking off 2020 with a look at the training that’s available from a number of sources that are designed to equip you with new skills with which to face the year ahead. On the test bench we have the latest Olympus E-M 5 III and Nikon Z 50 head-to-head, both ideal for the travel photographer, and our lighting technique covered this month shows you how to freeze action even on the darkest of winter days. Another action-packed read so dive in and join us!

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Deep and Meaningfull

Underwater specialist Lexi Laine is every bit at home under the waves as she is on dry land and she and her specialist models travel to some of the world’s most exotic locations to produce incredible scenes that are full of surreal beauty and flowing clothes. We hear about how Lexi found her niche and the gear she uses to capture these exquisite moments and why she chooses to work by holding her breath rather than opting for sub aqua gear.

Lighting Sport and Action Subjects

Our lighting expert Paul Wilkinson heads out to his local skate park to find action subjects that he can capture on the darkest of winter days through using specialist lighting techniques. Aided by his usual highly detailed lighting diagrams he explains how to use shutter speed to freeze or show motion, how to light a subject at the peak of the action through location flash and clever multiple exposure techniques that can show every stage of a cyclist’s spectacular jump.



Gearing up for video

Our big new filmmaking series continues with a walk through of the gear you need to be looking at acquiring if you want to offer video content alongside stills. We’re covering the hybrid cameras that can shoot pro-spec footage alongside stills, the lenses that you need to look at as you start to develop your filmmaking skills, audio gear that will make your life simpler and even the back-up products that will safeguard the extra data you’ll produce when shooting movies. And there’s even the opportunity to win a state-of-the-art Sennheiser wi-fi microphone system!

Curing Converging verticles

For architectural photographers or even those shooting weddings with a tall church tower in the background the issue of converging verticals is a very real one and it can make or break an image. If you don’t have the inclination to go large format with camera movements or the budget to invest in a tilt and shift lens there are options provided by Affinity Photo software and we walk through the stages you need to go through to put those leaning uprights back in their place! Catch the video tutorial here.

Time to Train

It’s a new year and for many photographers this is a period when thoughts turn to the acquisition of new skills. Contributing Editor Richard Bradbury, a highly respected trainer himself as well as someone who regularly signs up to learn new skills to keep himself up to speed, casts an eye on what’s available on and offline, checks out the quality of the free training that’s available at some of the major trade shows and argues the case for continual learning in this major eight-page feature.

Plan for a spectacular new year

Donal Doherty outlines the six points that he guarantees will lead to a more prosperous New Year for every professional photographer, talking about the need to set achievable goals, to create killer content, concentrate on building relationships and to charge what you’re truly worth. This is the time of year when you can plan out how you’re going to take your business forward and this is a template for success that will help you achieve your goals.

Head-to- Head; the Olympus E-M5 III and Nikon Z 50

These two exciting new launches from Olympus and Nikon have a lot in common, not least their affordability, their extreme light weight and compact form factor and their ability to deliver professional quality video output. These are virtues that make them irresistible to those looking to travel light and we’re taking them both out into the field to check out what they can do and to deliver a verdict on which of them might be the camera you should be looking to pack in your gadget bag.

Break Free from heavy gear

Taking new requests: the Olympus Pro Test Drive programme is back open for business! Get your hands on an OM-D system and see for yourself what Andy Rouse was talking about in his recent video interviews with Professional Photo. After a hectic few months where demand exceeded reply, Olympus confirms that it’s now welcoming new requests to try out the E-M1 series and Pro lenses. The scheme is aimed at anyone using high performance full frame kit currently; especially if you have fast telephotos and spend a lot of time outside, as this is where the real benefits lie. Fast and light with unrivalled image stabilisation and weather proofing, the Olympus system has been winning many new friends in recent months and is quietly ushering in a new way of shooting for many. Take a couple of minutes to explain what current gear you use and Olympus Pro Liaison will contact you to discuss options. 

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