Our latest issue has a fine art feel to it as we present a monster round-up of the very best inkjet papers and printers, brought together by renowned expert Mike McNamee. We’ve got case studies, previews of upcoming new media and shed loads of information on such crucial issues as print fade resistance: don’t miss it! Also in this issue we’re catching up with renowned landscape photographer Charlie Waite, whose latest project has been shot using MFT cameras, a lighting technique feature that shows you how to capture romantic couples and Lisa Devlin’s Twenty Top Tips for 2020! You can’t afford to miss this so make sure you don’t miss out!

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Printing for Profit

The fine art market continues to grow as does the number of inkjet papers on offer. Expert Mike McNamee has pulled together an overview of the wide choice that’s out there and he also looks at the trends influencing the market. Among the areas he’s covering in this extended feature are paper quality, the metallic papers, Hahnemuhle’s celebrated new Natural Line and the stunning range of Baryta papers that are now available. Take a look at an extract from the feature here.

A Love of the Land

Charlie Waite is justifiably celebrated as one of the best landscape photographers of his generation but, as he launches his latest Landscape Photographer of the Year competition, he’s pointing out that some of the greatest landscape shots could be there on your doorstep. To prove the point his latest project has seen him head out into the countryside near his home in Wessex, armed with Olympus MFT cameras to search out some of the exquisite corners that are just waiting to be discovered.

Capturing Couples

With St Valentine’s Day on the horizon it’s time to think about photographing romantic couples and our resident lighting expert Paul Wilkinson is showing us his technique, all backed up by his personal experience and his easy-to-follow lighting diagrams. Take a look at his beautiful examples of the art and learn how you too could shoot images like this for your clients.

Gearing up for video

Our big new filmmaking series continues with a walk through of the gear you need to be looking at acquiring if you want to offer video content alongside stills. We’re covering the hybrid cameras that can shoot pro-spec footage alongside stills, the lenses that you need to look at as you start to develop your filmmaking skills, audio gear that will make your life simpler and even the back-up products that will safeguard the extra data you’ll produce when shooting movies. And there’s even the opportunity to win a state-of-the-art Sennheiser wi-fi microphone system!

First Steps in Filmaking

Our lively new series is showing photographers how there is potential in moving into video production and we’re showing you how to get involved one step at a time. Hybrid photographer/filmmaker Rick Bronks uses his experience to talk you through the kit you’ll need, ways to tackle sound and stability and the art of backing everything up to make sure all of your footage is kept as safe as possible.

Banishing Photo Haze

There are times when haze can look amazing and atmospheric and other times when it can simply wipe out a key shot. There are ways to save shots when all seems lost and we take a walkthrough with Affinity Photo to see how straightforward and quick it can be to salvage a shot in just a few simple steps. Don’t miss Matty Graham’s full video walkthrough here.

Look After yourself?

Being a self-employed photographer can be one of the greatest jobs in the world but there are times when the stress and the pressure of constantly having to find work and to generate an income can get to the best of us. We catch up with two photographers who have been through difficult times but who have emerged stronger and are keen to share their experiences with others who may find themselves in the same situation.

Panasonic S1H review

The latest addition to Panasonic’s S-Series is the remarkable S1H, a hybrid model that comes with a raft on onboard filmmaking features that enables it to compete with some of the most high functioning cinema models out there. Boasting 6K resolution, 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording, 180 fps super slow motion, Dual Native ISO, V-Log for 14 stops of dynamic range, waveforms and vectorscopes, this is one of the best equipped mirrorless models on the market if you’re thinking of shooting video.


Find your Focus

Are you one of those photographer who is constantly getting distracted by trying to manage a raft of different social media channels all at the same time? Maybe it’s time to slow down, to work out the places where your ideal clients are hanging out and then focusing your efforts in that one place. Melissa Love gives the lowdown on how to choose your ideal platform and advises on the best ways to make this slimmed down approach work for you. Watch Melissa’s video here. https://themarketingfix.co/fix-3-focus/

Portrait winning shot by Belinda Buxton  in Black & White.

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