The latest issue of Professional Photo has just hit the shelves and our striking cover image is a shot by Justin Hession from the fascinating project that saw him go behind the scenes at a number of China’s mega photographic studios where clients can book a session to be captured in a highly traditional style. We’ve also got a full review of Nikon’s feature-packed new DSLR, the D780, a first look at the Olympus O-MD E-M1 Mark III, which promises to be a game changer for those looking for an alternative to full frame, and a look at the burgeoning second hand market, which is rapidly becoming a favoured way for professionals to trade up their gear. Lots to whet the appetite, so make sure you pick up a copy!

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All Roads lead to Brimingham

The Photo Show and its sibling The Video Show open their doors on Saturday March 14 and we’ve got a preview of what there is to see and a heads up on some of the products that a line-up of manufacturers will be presenting on their stands. There will also be some amazing talks and workshops on offer, covering both photographic and video skills, and lots to appeal to the professional and professionally minded. Take a look at what’s on offer and what Sennheiser will be showing on its sponsored Video Live Theatre at the show here and here.

Vision of Beauty

We’re well used to the way that photographic studios operate in the UK and the style of imagery that’s on offer, but how do they do things in other countries? A firm believer in the power of personal projects, Justin Hession travelled to China to visit the vast network of giant Panzi studios that offer clients the chance to be made up and photographed in the traditional style.

Group Therapy

If you’re a portrait photographer then the chances are that you’ll be asked on a fairly regular basis to tackle group shots featuring anything from just a few people through to vast family gatherings. Master photographer Paul Wilkinson walks you through the minefield of setting these up to make sure that everything looks relaxed and comfortable and he also goes into detail with his usual easy-to-understand diagrams to explain how best to light these in both studio and location environments.

Affinity Workshop: Editing a 360 Image

The 360-degree image has a whole host of commercial applications and there are an increasing number of specialist cameras that can produce these distinctive pictures. While editing can throw up some issues Affinity Photo is well up to the task, and Matty Graham shows how straightforward postprocessing these files can be. Watch the video here.

Stay Audio Aware

Our filmmaking series moves on to the potentially tricky subject of how to achieve professional quality audio in your film productions, and our expert Rick Bronk outlines his own techniques for achieving the best results and talks through the various kit options and which ones might be your best choice for given situations. If you’ve ever worried about how to conquer this challenging area you won’t believe how straightforward it can be to master the art of audio!


Video: Filmmaking Jargon Buster

Struggling to tell your codecs from your colour profiles? There is a whole raft of rather intimidating new terms to get to grips with if you’re considering adding pro-quality motion to your stills, but fear not! Jim Marks, who himself has made the journey across from photography to filmmaking, is on hand to offer a bite-sized explanation on a whole series of matters, from sensor size through to film speeds, and it’s a sure-fire way to get to grips with your new discipline. Check out the accompanying Instagram videos here.

Marketing through instagram

It’s the social media of choice for many in the visual industries, but how do you get the most out of Instagram and what are the ground rules you should be aware of if you’re planning on spreading the word about your business and are looking to share your best images and the stories behind them? Expert Adam Juniper has just authored a book that covers this very issue and he’s covering off the things you need to know if you’re looking to Instagram as a way of boosting your marketing.


On test: Nikon D780

If you thought DSLRs were on their way out then think again, because Nikon has taken the cutting edge features from its Z-series mirrorless models and has put them under the bonnet of the D780, creating a modern marvel that should appeal to all of those who still prefer the look and feel of mirrored technology. We head to Iceland to give the new camera a thorough work out against a backdrop of some of the world’s most glorious and savage scenery.

Make the Market work for You

Buying Second Hand Kit was once a minefield but today’s professionals can sidestep the horror stories by buying and trading up using reputable dealers who will provide great service, all supported by a cast iron warranty. It’s the modern way to get your hands on some amazing kit at stunning prices and these days it’s totally risk free into the bargain. Read about young photographer Ben Webster’s tips for those looking to create a pro kit on a budget here.

Wedding Photographer of the year awarded to Lisa Byrne of Holly and Lime with this winning shot of “Rosie”.  Opens in lightbox.

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