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Professional Photo 171 Digital
Professional Photo 171 Digital

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Professional Photo 171 Digital

The first ever digital-only issue in Professional Photo’s history is now on sale and it’s bursting at the seams! At 108 pages it’s our biggest issue for years and it’s a full fifty per cent fatter than Issue 170.
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The first ever digital-only issue in Professional Photo’s history is now on sale and it’s bursting at the seams! At 108 pages it’s our biggest issue for years and it’s a full fifty per cent fatter than Issue 170: well, that’s lockdown for you! It needed to be huge to accommodate the wealth of content we’ve got lined up for you, much of which is fully interactive. So, you’ll be able to link directly off the page to watch extra video content, visit galleries and external websites, enter our competition to win a Sennheiser wireless mic at the click of a mouse and generally go off exploring as you’re reading a story that interests you. We’ve got feedback from a selection of professional photographers, sharing tales of they’re using their time to prepare for a storming comeback when their businesses get underway again, we’re talking about how to get involved in streaming, what to consider when you’re revamping your website, ways to keep yourself on the radar with your clients, tips on how to step up your online selling, experts giving feedback on the used camera market and a comprehensive review of the exciting new Olympus OM-D E-M1 III. This is huge and, to cap it all off, it’s all available at £3.99, so a full pound cheaper than the regular printed edition. Take a look and we think you’ll like what you see!

Issue 171 can also be purchased on Kindle Devices  for £3.99 and bought and subscribed to on Apple devices such as Iphone and Ipad on the App Store.

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The Day Bowie Came to Call

Markus Klinko will never forget the day when supermodel Iman – our cover star this month – came to check some proofs in his studio and incidentally brought her husband with her, none other than David Bowie. The iconic rock star liked what he saw and booked a day’s shoot to produce the cover image for his next album, and it turned out to be a life changing session that yielded some of the most memorable images of Bowie ever taken. We hear the full story and learn how the sales of Bowie prints are now benefitting NHS charities.

Get set for streaming

It’s the technology that everyone’s talking about right now and for good reason, but can photographers take advantage of this interest and create a useful extra revenue stream (excuse the pun)? Experienced streamer Simon Beer explains what’s involved and walks through the kit that’s required, while Rick Bronk introduces us to the highly professional streaming set-up he’s built at his home.

Work on your shop window

This is the perfect time to be taking a closer look at your website and making sure that it’s fully up to speed. Dave Kai Piper walks through the list of features you should be considering adding and explains how he runs his own commercial site and we also hear from website developers about how to add video content in the most efficient and cost effective way.


The secrets of online selling

Melissa Love has been offering online services for five years now and she’s using her experience to help photographers develop their own ecommerce activities. She talks us through the best routes to online selling, the key website building tools to utilise and how it’s possible to develop and to start selling workshops and training courses through your portal.


The psychology of children

Children are one of the most popular portrait subjects of them all but you have to understand how to work with them if you’re looking to get worthwhile and saleable pictures. In this extract from his latest book, Richard Bradbury draws on his considerable experience as a seasoned child photographer to offer key advice regarding how to approach a session, get a child on your side, make the session run smoothly and how to get a positive reaction out of your subjects.

Perfect Panoramas

Our latest Affinity Workshop covers off how to create a stunning panorama from a number of components using the facilities provided by Affinity Photo. The entire process is straightforward and can take just a matter of a few minutes to complete and you can check out Matty Graham’s video tutorial by clicking through here.


Pro minded filters

Even in this high-tech digital age the need for high quality filters is just as strong as ever it was, not just for photographers but for filmmakers as well. We take a look at some of the most useful pro filters on the market, find out how important it is to be investing in filters that match the quality of the lenses you’re working with and throw the spotlight on the huge variety of filter options that are currently out there.


Selling your footage

Our ‘Move Towards Motion’ series continues with a look at how important it is these days to be offering filmmaking skills alongside still photography and the best ways to market your new video services to potential clients. Hybrid operator Tom Barnes talks us through his motives for adding filmmaking to his mix and explains why this has been such an important step for his business.

Get yourself on TV

Wildlife maestro Andy Rouse not only found himself flooded out of his house at the start of the year but he also lost all of his work overnight when the Covid-19 pandemic struck. We find out how he’s been fighting back by focusing on the wildlife that’s within lockdown distance of his rented accommodation and how he’s turned the behind-the-scenes story of how he’s achieving his amazing images into a TV series that’s attracting a growing online audience.


Tested: the Olympus E-M1 Mark III

The formidable new MFT workhorse from Olympus comes with an impressive line-up of high-end professional features and promises to open the door to a compact, lightweight and affordable way of working for many. We take it out for a spin to see what it has to offer, and there’s even the chance to download a full resolution image created using the camera’s High Resolution mode to see for yourself the quality that it’s capable of.

Ask the experts : used Kit

Our Ask the Experts Used Kit special features questions from Professional Photo readers relating to the second hand market, answered in detail by the team at used specialist MPB. We find out how to put together a professional outfit for under £1000, the pros and cons of mirrorless versus DSLRs, the best mirrorless models for video production, the best X-Series model for sub-£1000 and which model might serve as an excellent back-up to the Sony a7R Mark III.

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