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Professional Photo 173 Digital only

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Professional Photo 173 Digital only

The first ever digital-only issue in Professional Photo’s history is now on sale and it’s bursting at the seams! At 108 pages it’s our biggest issue for years and it’s a full fifty per cent fatter than Issue 170.
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Digital-only issue 173 is another 100-page epic and it’s overflowing with great content, positive stories, marketing expertise, essential technique and expert comment and reviews. As things slowly start to pick up again what more could you want? We’ve got an exclusive interview with the legend that is Greg Gorman, talking about a stellar fifty-year career in Hollywood where he’s photographed just about anyone who is anyone, and counts many of them as personal friends to boot. Don’t miss our eight-page epic look at his amazing work, much of which has never been widely shared before. On another level we’re also talking to photojournalist Justin Tallis, who gives a fascinating account of what it was like having London almost to himself at the height of lockdown. Elsewhere in this issue we’re reporting on how one photographer carried on his model shoots by working remotely, achieving some great results, while Karl Taylor is singing the praises of compact studios and showing how they can still be the perfect environment for commercial photography. For good measure we’re also looking at how to make money from selling video clips, are testing out the mighty new Fujifilm XT-4 and are showing how to get the best portraits out on location on a sunny day. Another great mash up of stories in fact, so log on and check it out!

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Hollywood Legend

Greg Gorman has had an illustrious fifty-year career photographing some of the most famous names in tinsel town, from Barbra Streisand through to Andy Warhol, Al Pacino, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Sophia Loren, Sharon Stone, Brad Pitt… The list goes on and he achieved his position as the man who recorded the stars through the fact that he won their confidence and always worked to get the best possible image. He tells us more about how he got started and his personal highlights.

Alone on the streets of London

AFP staffer Justin Tallis was one of those considered to be a key worker and therefore allowed to carry on shooting his images for the press when the world went into lockdown, and he gives us his very personal diary of the experience. This ranged from the highly surreal, when he had the South Bank of London all to himself in the middle of the day, through to the human stories that he recorded so that the news could carry on being reported.

Remote Beauty

If it’s not possible to shoot conventional beauty pictures in a studio any more, is it just time to hang up the camera for the duration of lockdown? Actually no, well not if you’re photographer Martin Higgs in any case. Martin has managed to carry on shooting by working with his models remotely and he shows us his work and talks about the growing popularity of this very different approach, which can yield some surprisingly good results. Catch our Lockdown Diary shoot, where Rick Bronks takes on a remote session with model Zoi here.

Have the place to yourself

If you’ve ever visited a popular location and been frustrated by the fact that it’s been heaving with people and there’s no chance of taking a shot that’s clear then take heart from our latest Affinity Photo workshop. Matty Graham shows how it’s possible, through a simple process, to clear the clutter out of your scene and to make it look as though you were all alone in your special place. Catch Matty’s video walkthrough here. 

The secret of shooting stock clips.

If you’re working with a hybrid camera that can shoot high quality video at the flick of a switch then it’s time you looked at the potential for stock motion clips. Following many of the same principles that apply to stills, it could be a great way of generating extra income and it’s remarkably easy to get involved. We hear back from those in the know who give tips on how to achieve the best results.

The other side of motion

The market these days doesn’t have to be split between a stills or a motion approach. There is a middle path, with processes that tap into elements of both and these effects are proving to be a huge hit with clients. Simon Plant talks us through the technicalities and the commercial applications of this approach and time lapse expert Matthew Vandeputte talks through the finer points of this hugely popular technique. 

Small is beautiful

As a professional photographer you might dream of being able to work in a cavernous studio but, for many, it’s not something that’s feasible. And the fact is that it might not even be necessary, as Karl Taylor talks us through the benefits of working in the smaller space and shows how it’s entirely possible to still achieve really successful commercial images in such places that will still please the most discerning of clients.

Tested – The Fujifilm XT-4

The latest in Fujifilm’s highly regarded X-Series of cameras comes with a refined tilting viewing screen and, crucially, built-in image stabilisation and it has a lot to offer professionals on all levels. We sent our sample out on a tough personal project with Andy Kruczek and he came back with a great set of images and an opinion that had been completely changed by the experience.

Your chance to vote

The experts at second hand specialist MPB have put together their all-time list of top cameras and photographic accessories and are inviting photographers to log on and to vote for the products they want to see make the grade in their very first Hall of Fame selection. Click here to head through and to see what they’ve come up with and make sure that you support your all-time favourite piece of kit!


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