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Our first issue of 2021 is now out and our team of expert contributors is looking ahead to a time beyond lockdown and remaining resolutely optimistic about the year ahead
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Our first issue of 2021 is now out and our team of expert contributors is looking ahead to a time beyond lockdown and remaining resolutely optimistic about the year ahead. Lisa Devlin envisages the ten marketing steps that professionals will need to follow to build their businesses back up once customers are allowed through the door again, while star of stage and screen Bill Ward is showing off his insightful shots of the theatres he loves, as he unveils a book he’s produced to raise funds to help save them. We’re also peering over the shoulder of a professional food photographer to find out what a day in their life is actually like and we’re going all retro with Richard Bradbury as he recaptures the joy of an age gone by, when the Hasselblad was the tool of choice for most professionals. We’re also getting hands on with the eagerly awaited Olympus ED 150-400mm f/4.5, the lens that could change the face of wildlife and sports photography, so don’t miss our expert verdict. Lots to catch up on as always, so pick up a copy and jump in!

Issue 179 can also be purchased for  £3.99 as a Digital Edition here or on Kindle Devices  for £3.99 and bought and subscribed to on Apple devices such as Iphone and Ipad on the App Store.

Saving The Stage

Actor Bill Ward also happens to be a highly respected professional photographer and he’s been using his unrivalled access to the theatrical world he loves to produce a series of exquisite and insightful images of some of the back-stage areas that most of us would never see. Now he’s gathered these together in a new book, which he’s selling to raise money to help safeguard the futures of these glorious palaces of entertainment.


Driven By Dance

Our ‘Anatomy of a Shoot’ this month brings you the full behind-the-scenes story of how expert portrait photographer Paul Wilkinson set up a shoot in his studio and adjacent garden with a talented ballet dancer. Paul explains his thought process behind the session and shows us how he created his telling final shot with the aid of a little lateral thinking and a touch of Photoshop trickery!


Convert to a classic

Black and white is still a highly favoured way of presenting a portrait, and we’re showing how to take an original colour Raw file and then convert it to mono using the tools found in Affinity Photo. Matty Graham walks through the process and also shows how to add a Curves Boost, a Vignette and further Global Adjustments to achieve a spectacular result. Watch his video tutorial in real time here.


Getting Serious about Sound

If you’re thinking of adding video to your business then you should be considering how to achieve audio results that can match the professional quality of your visuals. Our resident CVP expert Jake Ratcliffe talks through the tools you’ll need, including the correct microphone choice, XLR vs a 3.5mm headphone jack input, the need for windshields and why a good set of headphones will become an essential accessory.


Ten Steps to boost Your business

They say it’s always darkest just before the dawn and, despite the latest lockdown, there’s a sense of hope now that before too long photo businesses can start to think about the future rather than simply remain in survival mode. Lisa Devlin is sharing her list of ten ways that photographers can start to plan ahead and plan for a time when the customers will return. Check out her check list to see if you’ll be ready when that very welcome time arrives.

Time To turn Pro

This month it’s all about you, as we turn our attention to ‘About Me’ pages and find out how you should be communicating with your prospective clients. What’s the right approach and how informal should you be, and could a video approach be the best way to go? We’re also taking a peep to find out what goes on behind the scenes in a food photography business, while MPB expert Marc Reid is filling us in on the perfect second-hand gear for the job!


Tested – the Hasselblad 907x and CFV II 50c

Richard Bradbury goes back to the future as he gets hands on with the retro-looking but cutting-edge Hasselblad 907x camera and the accompanying CFV II 50C digital back. It might look like a set-up a previous generation would have used, but its performance is state-of-the-art and the stylish back has the capacity to bring older film models bang up to date, while reintroducing the user to a more considered way of working.

Tested the Olympus ED 150-400mm f/4.5

This is the optic that so many wildlife and sports photographers have been waiting for, a seriously long but lightweight Four Thirds telephoto zoom from Olympus that truly has the ability to re-write the rule book. Matty Graham was one of the first reviewers to get hands-on with this remarkable new lens and he reports back on how his very special day of wildlife shooting panned out.


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