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Professional Photo 183 Print

Professional Photo has had a facelift, so check out our new look, enjoy our extra pages and feast on our fresh features as we reflect on the photographic business getting back into full swing. We’re talking to wedding photographers who are revealing how they’ve survived lockdown and are preparing to come back stronger.
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Professional Photo has had a facelift, so check out our new look, enjoy our extra pages and feast on our fresh features as we reflect on the photographic business getting back into full swing. We’re talking to wedding photographers who are revealing how they’ve survived lockdown and are preparing to come back stronger, we’ve got an interview with Tim Dunk, who’s made such a success of virtual shoots over the past twelve months that he’s not contemplating going back, we’re marking the re-opening of The Fujifilm House of Photography and we’re looking at ways you can prepare your business to be better and stronger than ever before as the world starts to take its first steps back towards normality. We’re also talking to conservation photographer Daniel Beltra who is raising awareness of issues facing the planet while also producing some gorgeous eye-catching work, we’re sharing Anthony Lycett’s project that’s giving some of the most stylish and outlandish dressers out there the chance to show off their style and we’re also revealing our first Professional Photographer of the Year spot prize. We’re also running a full review of the magnificent new medium format Fujifilm GFX100S this month, so read our verdict on a camera that offers extraordinary quality for the cost of a 35mm-style mirrorless model. Jump in and take a look around: you won’t be disappointed!

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Unlikely Beauty

Seattle-based Spanish-born photographer Daniel Beltra is setting out to save the planet, one picture at a time. We’re showcasing his extraordinary work and are finding out how he’s winning over hearts and minds through producing images of devastating events such as oil spillages that are so unexpectedly beautiful that they hang on the walls of art galleries.

Pro Photographer of the Year

Take a look at our first monthly winner and find out how you too could be in line for a fantastic prize and a chance to win the awesome Panasonic Lumix S1R and 24-105mm f/4 Macro outfit which awaits our PPOTY Champion! Enter here.


Putting On The Style

Twelve years ago, Anthony Lycett threw out an open invitation to those with a stellar sense of style to visit his studio for a session and the result is an eclectic collection of Avant Garde portraits that’s already spawned one book and is still growing. We find out more about how it started, what the ground rules are and why the project has effectively become a documentary devoted to individuals.


Open house

The Fujifilm House of Photography created a sensation when it was first opened in its central London location towards the end of 2019 and, although it’s been forced to close its doors through two long lockdowns, it’s now fully back open and ready for business. Click here to find out more about what’s on offer and take the chance to come inside and to celebrate photography in all its many forms!

Leap of Faith

Convinced the server at the Thai restaurant he was dining in with his wife would make a perfect model, Paul Wilkinson plucked up his courage and convinced her to pop in for a shoot. The result was a memorable session for his Mastering Portrait Photography website and a stunning set of images that helped to give someone starting out her brilliant first portfolio.


Time to Get Real

The hyper real look might not work for everyone, but there are times when the startling detail it can add to a commercial or social portrait perfectly complements the character of the subject. Matty Graham talks you through the process as he uses Affinity Photo to create the look. Check out his step-by-step workshop video here.


Working in the Virtual World

Lisa Devlin muses about remote shoots and catches up with Tim Dunk, a go-ahead photographer who has made such a success out of tackling commercial virtual assignments that he’s going to carry on working this way. Some 900 jobs later he believes he’s found the perfect way to work.


Protect And Survive

They might not have the ability to grab the headlines in the same way as sexy pieces of gear such as cameras and lenses, but bags and cases have a crucial role to play in the life of a filmmaker. Our CVP experts point out the features you should be thinking about as you look for the products you need and explain why choosing the right bags and cases can effectively save your professional skin by ensuring your gear is fully protected.

AI To the Rescue

If you’re a busy professional looking to save time in post-production then software that’s utilising state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence could provide the perfect answer. Our software expert Amy—Leigh Atkins takes a look at what’s on offer and asks whether it could compromise creativity. Read her review of Portrait Pro 21 here and take advantage of our brilliant 15% money-off voucher!

Welcome Back to Weddings

Whisper it quietly, but by now small weddings are back on the agenda and the hope is that this will rise to first 30 guests and then be unlimited in the summer. Are you ready for action? We talk to a selection of wedding specialists who have survived the enforced turndown in business and who are now looking to go large in 2021 as couples start to book again.

Day In the Life – Fashion

There are few genres as exciting and fast-moving as fashion, but it can be tough to break in. Joy Waldenfels tells us how she first moved into this genre, shares what the job entails and explains why she finds everything about it so compelling.

Tested – The Fujifilm GFX100S

Suddenly everyone is talking about the latest GFX100S 100MP medium format marvel from the Fujifilm stable, which looks set to massively ramp up the resolution as it offers direct competition to 35mm-style full frame models. Andy Kruczek shares his thoughts on the features and pricing of this spectacular new camera and explains why he thinks it could be such a total game changer.

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