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Professional Photo 184 Print

Check out the latest issue of Professional Photo, which is once again brimming with great features, superb imagery and incisive input from our expert pro team.
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Check out the latest issue of Professional Photo, which is once again brimming with great features, superb imagery and incisive input from our expert pro team. Our cover has been provided by master photographer Damian McGillicuddy, who will be judging the fashion and beauty category of Professional Photographer of the Year. Damian is sharing thoughts about how to get the best out of your model and providing some clues about what he’ll be looking out for at the judging stage, so tune in for some useful insights! Meanwhile, if you love landscape then you’re going to relish our Portfolio this month, which features stunning monochrome work from Indonesian-based photographer Hengki Koentjoro, while our Project feature traces the fascinating story of how portrait photographer Jenny Lewis sourced 100 people ranging from birth through to 100 to picture for her new ‘Portrait of a Community’ book. In Anatomy of a Picture Paul Wilkinson is recalling a commission that involved photographing a group of actors in such a way that they could be moved around within the composition for ultimate flexibility and Richard Bradbury is problem solving by talking through ways to achieve a professional level of sharpness in your images. On the software front we’re checking out presets, showing how Affinity Photo can deliver selective colour and testing out Zoner’s exciting new Photo Studio X package, while our big reviews this month focus on the pro-grade new Pentax K-3 Mark III and the hugely innovative Asus dual screen ZenBook Pro Duo 15, which is designed to zip through your post-production. There’s lots going on, so come take a look!


Issue 184 can also be purchased for  £3.99 as a Digital Edition here or on Kindle Devices  for £3.99 and bought and subscribed to on Apple devices such as Iphone and Ipad on the App Store.

Treasure Islands

Landscape and fine art specialist Hengki Koentjoro has the good fortune to be located in Indonesia, which gives him no less than 17,500 islands from which to take his inspiration. He’s opening up his portfolio to us, talking about his motivation and sharing why he feels that monochrome is the only way to do justice to the magnificent scenery he’s surrounded by.

A Century Of Portraits

Portrait specialist Jenny Lewis is no stranger to long-term projects and her latest, which saw her photograph subjects from birth to one hundred years old, took her four years to complete, with the challenge of Covid to cope with along the way. We hear how she made it all come together and how she’s now taking the images out onto the Hackney streets to make sure it’s enjoyed by the whole community.


Shoot to win

If you’re planning to enter the fashion and beauty section of PPOTY then you can’t afford to miss the hints and tips provided by the judge of this section, Damian McGillicuddy. As well as unveiling our latest spot prize winner, we’re asking Damian about the best way to put a model at ease and the preparation you should be putting in to make sure your session gets off to a flying start. Enter the competition here.


Mix and Match

Tasked with creating a series of group portraits for an upcoming theatre production Paul needed to plan for the creation of composite line-ups of the actors to add extra flexibility. As we go behind the scenes we find out how to direct your subjects and to light and set up a background that minimises the amount of post-production work required to achieve a believable result.

Choose Your Colour

We show how you can take advantage of the Selective Colour feature found in Affinity Photo’s Adjust Layers toolbox to assert control of the hues in your image and to explore the creative possibilities this opens up. Follow our simple walk-through, which also covers how to experiment with Whites, Blacks and Neutrals in the frame as well. Follow Matty’s workshop in real time here.


Filmmaking on the move

Run ‘n Gun and vlogging-style filmmaking is becoming increasingly popular right across the board, but what are the elements required if you’re looking to piece together a good and usable kit? We asked the experts at CVP to share their advice, and to give us their thoughts on some of the products they feel would make a useful addition to your on-the-go video gadget bag.


Time Saving Style

Presets offer photographers a slick way to impose a chosen style and finish to their work with the minimum of post-production time and effort and there’s a huge choice of looks out there. Our expert Amy-Leigh Atkins talks through the options, reviews a selection of the key products and suggests the best way forward for those looking to speed up their workflow.

Zoner Photo Studio X

We’ve got a full review of the TIPA prizewinning editing software package from Zoner that promises to deliver a wide range of cut-price top-end features for the professional. There’s also a chance to download a trial package to try it for yourself. Head here to see what we thought.

Social success

Social media is a key marketing tools for any small business, and with its outstanding visual qualities Instagram is a particular favourite for photographers. Lucy Newson explains why it’s so special and shows how it can be used to drive customers to your website.

Tested – The Pentax K3 Mk.III

The new K-3 Mark III from Pentax is the manufacturer’s highest-spec DSLR yet, and it’s a clear declaration of intent and a strong signal of continuing belief in mirrored technology. Matty Graham is one of the first to try it out and he’s been on a wildlife shoot to check through the new camera’s credentials and to see whether it has enough on board to keep the professional happy.

Tested the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo 15

Is the cutting-edge new dual-screen laptop from Asus going to change the world for professional photographers and videographers? We check out whether this revolutionary new machine, which comes with Nvidia’s game-changing new RTX 3070 GPU to turbo charge performance, has what it takes to move your post-processing on to the next level. Check out the review here.

Tested – The NiSi 4/15mm Lens

Filter specialist NiSi has now moved into lens production, and its latest super-wide 15mm optic is very much aimed at those shooting landscape or architecture. We asked our resident pro Matty Graham to take it out on a wildlife shoot to see what it had to offer. See the video here.

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