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Professional Photo 185 Print

You might do a double-take when you see the cover of the latest issue of Professional Photo. Yes, that really is the iconic image of Brigitte Bardot, shot by Terry O’Neill, but we bet this will be the first time you’ve seen it in colour and we report inside on how it was meticulously worked on to create a image that has a very different feel and lots lots more.
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You might do a double-take when you see the cover of the latest issue of Professional Photo. Yes, that really is the iconic image of Brigitte Bardot, shot by Terry O’Neill, but we bet this will be the first time you’ve seen it in colour and we report inside on how it was meticulously worked on to create a image that has a very different feel. Elsewhere, we’re catching up with cycling specialist Alex Broadway who is telling us how sport made him fall back in love with photography, we’re hearing how Yellow Cab driver Joseph Rodriguez learned his photojournalist trade back in 70s New York through photographing the passengers on his back seat and a line-up of top pros tell us how they developed their personal ‘look,’ with the help of a little post-production preset magic. Our brand-new Pro Academy feature, in conjunction with the Nikon School, will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself across a range of genres and to earn a certificate as proof of your efforts, we’re explaining why live streaming is fast becoming a revenue-earner for professional photographers and Gillian Devine tells us why helping local businesses to develop their brand can be big and hugely enjoyable business. Also don’t miss our reviews of the exciting new Panasonic GH5 II and the brand-new hybrid SW271C monitor from BenQ, that is equally at home whether it’s stills or motion you’re working on. As you can tell, it’s another jam-packed issue, so dive in and take a look around!

Issue 185 can also be purchased for  £3.99 as a Digital Edition here or on Kindle Devices  for £3.99 and bought and subscribed to on Apple devices such as Iphone and Ipad on the App Store.

The power of The Pedal

Cycling specialist Alex Broadway was so disillusioned by the dullness of his photography A-Level studies that he turned his back on the craft, but he was tempted back in after finding that he had an affinity for sport and now his portfolio is overflowing with stunning and creative high-action imagery. Read his inspiring story and find out more about how he creates his exceptional images.

Life through A Window

Driving a yellow cab around New York in the volatile 70s and 80s Joseph Rodriguez pretty much saw it all, and his trusty camera helped him create a striking visual record of that time. He dreamed of becoming a photojournalist and ultimately achieved his ambition through practicing his skills on those who happened to be inhabiting his back seat, and we hear the story of how it all came together.


Our Latest Spot Prize

An incredible wildlife image of a mouse caught in a downpour has won Richard Adams the awesome Zhiyun Crane 2S gimbal worth £650, the latest spot prize to be awarded in our amazing Professional Photographer of the Year competition. There’s still time to enter and you too could be celebrating: head for our entry portal and get your best shots off to us now!

Success at a Stretch

You’ve got a great shot but your client needs it as a landscape rather than upright. Rather than lose the sale you can turn to Affinity Photo and reformat it in a matter of moments. Matty Graham shows us how in the latest in our series of simple-to-follow workshops and you can follow the process in real time here

Rules of Engagement

If you’re working with commercial clients to spread the message about their services then video provides a highly engaging medium, but what kit do you need to offer this service? Find out as we talk once again with the experts at CVP, who guide us through what’s required to extend your offering to deliver a motion package alongside the stills.

Putting on the Style

In a competitive business like photography you need a look that defines who you are and sets you apart from the crowd. Our software expert Amy-Leigh Atkins asked ten pros to share the secrets of their visual identity, and she reports back on what makes each of them a true individual and the post-production processes they utilise to achieve a style that’s very much their own.

Are you set to Stream

As a professional photographer you already have many of the basic tools you need to get involved in live streaming, and this is a sector that is set to grow rapidly in the years to come. So, what are you waiting for? We talk to photographers who are already making it pay and find out how you too could get involved in this lucrative new sector.

Show us your Skills

We’re kicking off our exciting new Pro Academy feature this month and we’re working with the highly respected Nikon Academy to set a series of challenges across a range of genres, where we’ll be asking you to step out of your comfort zone and prove that you really are a versatile performer. Meet the standard and you’ll get a certificate to prove your skills, so come and take a look: food photography is the first item on the menu, so click through to see how to take part!

Defying the dust

If you’re a hard working pro the last thing you want to be doing is spending valuable time in post-production removing dust spots from your files, so what can you do to get around the problem? We speak to top experts in the field to find out how to clean up your act and what to do should your sensor need a spring clean in a hurry.

2021 TIPA Awards

One of the biggest international set of awards for the photographic business and voted on by a panel of top magazines, we’ve got the full set of 2021 results from TIPA. Take a look here to see the full selection of prize winning products from the past twelve months.

Plan for the Future

If you’re setting up a photographic business from scratch or are carrying out an annual review then you need a solid business plan in place to ensure your venture has a firm foundation. Lucy Newson takes a detailed look at what’s required and why it’s so important, both for yourself and the future of your business, to get this all-important document absolutely right.

Tested – The Panasonic GH5 II

The much-loved Panasonic Lumix GH5 has had a makeover, and the Mark II version takes its predecessor’s features up a significant notch and adds live streaming into the mix. Adam Duckworth takes the new camera for a thorough workout to see what’s under the bonnet and whether it’s worth the upgrade.


A Day in the Life

If you’re dreaming of selling personal work to collectors then check out what’s involved, as Jo Scott explains what life is like for the fine art photographer and how it can complement and influence your commercial output. It’s a win/win scenario that helped this photographer to achieve her BIPP Fellowship.


Tested – The BenQ SW271C Monitor

Designed to meet the needs of those working across both stills and motion, BenQ’s SW271C monitor delivers near-perfect colour and a host of features that are firmly aimed at the high-end professional. We check out what it has to offer the working pro and hear from case study Ross Grieve, who gives his personal opinion of why it’s got the potential to benefit his business.



Back Up with the Boss

Filmmaker Rick Bronks headed to London to take the LaCie Rugged BOSS hard drive out for a spin and returned enthusing about the simplicity of backing-up crucial files while on the road, without the need to fire up his laptop. Check out the video to see how it performed in the field.

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