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Professional Photo 187 Print

A great animated portrait from top professional Spiros Politis graces the front cover of the latest issue of Professional Photo and it ties in to a classic Portfolio from this great photographer, where he explains the attraction of working with people and why his natural curiosity encouraged him into this genre.
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A great animated portrait from top professional Spiros Politis graces the front cover of the latest issue of Professional Photo and it ties in to a classic Portfolio from this great photographer, where he explains the attraction of working with people and why his natural curiosity encouraged him into this genre. Meanwhile our featured Project this month focuses on Peter Dazeley’s breath-taking voyage behind the scenes at a selection of London’s top theatres, revealing a side the public would never see, while Peter Dench is name dropping with abandon, as he recalls some of the many celebrities he’s worked with over the years. Our regular look at the world of filmmaking in conjunction with CVP is focusing on the new breed of powerful and portable LED lights which are perfect for those working on location, while Paul Wilkinson has his work cut out trying to make a low-tech mobile coffee machine look like a speedy racing car, but he’s succeeded admirably and he shows us how! On the business front Rosie Parsons is talking through her new system of prepping clients for their shoots by sending them through bespoke videos that cover all the bases, while Gillian Devine is extolling the benefits of offering a premium upmarket service that commands higher prices and delivers way less stress. On the technical front our main review this month features the quirky but loveable Sigma fp L, while we’re also looking at the Nikon MB-N11 battery pack from Nikon and the remarkable Sony Xperia Pro Smartphone, which can double as a monitor for your video camera! Another value-packed line-up, so come on in and take a look around!



Issue 187 can also be purchased for  £3.99 as a Digital Edition here or on Kindle Devices  for £3.99 and bought and subscribed to on Apple devices such as Iphone and Ipad on the App Store.

The Art of Curiosity

It was always people that piqued the interest of photographer Spiros Politis, and it was his natural curiosity about what made each individual tick that encouraged him into portraiture. We catch up to find out more and to share some of his outstanding images, and also discover how his personal projects are keeping his creativity fresh and fully primed.

Secrets of the Stage

Driven by his enquiring mind, Peter Dazeley was determined to go behind the scenes at a selection of London’s historic theatres to capture their finery for a wider audience. What he found was a mixture of the bizarre and the unexpected, that will collectively open the eyes of theatregoers to the stunning details that lies all around them


The World According to Dench

Our man is recalling more of the stories behind his brilliant photography, and this month he’s giving us the lowdown on what it’s really like to work with a celebrity, how he’s handled the tricker moments and the times when he’s managed to form a bond with the highly recognisable person who happens to be appearing in front of his camera.  

Schools Out

Lockdown effectively shut down schools up and down the country but they still needed to show prospective students what they had to offer. The answer was to commission a virtual tour and Matty Graham tells us how this gave him the opportunity to provide a video service that substantially boosted his bottom line.

Career Take  off!

Matty Graham shares more of his tales from the road as he talks about ways in which you can turn something you have a passion about – in Matty’s case vintage aircraft – into something that can earn you money while also getting you closer to the things you love. And, in Matty’s case, it even led him to a rarefied vantage point, standing on the wing of a static Vulcan bomber!

The Expresso Express

The best photographers can turn their hands to anything, and even though he considers himself to be a portrait specialist Paul Wilkinson didn’t baulk when confronted with a commission to make an iconic, but decidedly low-tech, mobile coffee machine look like something that was a whole lot sexier! Find out how the magic was achieved as Paul shares the anatomy of his shoot.

Strenghten Your Skies!

If you’re a landscape photographer looking to make your shots as powerful as possible to ensure the best stock sales then you’ll often be needing to increase the drama of your skies. It’s easy to do using Affinity Photo’s Gradient Tool and Matty Graham walks you through the simple process to show you how. His online tutorial video is here.

Travelling Light

If you’re regularly finding yourself filming on location then having a set of compact and durable LED lights to travel with makes complete sense. We team up with the experts at CVP to find out more about the options to consider, which can include complete self-contained kits in handy carrying cases.

Photo Tested ACDSee Gemstone Editor 12

The new Gemstone photo-editing software from ACDSee is currently available as a free download in Beta form and our software guru Amy-Leigh Atkins is taking a closer look to see what it has to offer the professional photographer. Take a look to see what she thought here.


Show Us Your Skills

The latest challenge in our hugely popular Pro Academy series, being run on conjunction with the Nikon School, is Wildlife and we’re asking you to send us in your best shots on the theme. Those judged to have reached the necessary standard will be awarded an e-certificate, and to help you on your way we’ve got tips from top wildlife photographer Andy Parkinson and Nikon School technical wizard Neil Freeman.

Escape the Editing

Wedding photographers are finding themselves working flat out this summer as the business bounces back with a vengeance, but it means that time is tight when it comes to editing files from the latest job. Lisa Devlin shares thoughts on how to become more efficient with your editing so that you can stay on top of your workload and keep your clients happy.



Get Set For video Prep

It’s crucial that clients turn up for their shoot with you fully up to speed on what’s going to be happening and ready with the changes of clothes that will help the session go with a swing. Rosie Parsons is giving them a helping hand by sending across a series of self-produced short videos that give the full background and it’s proving to be a big success and a massive time saver.

Shake Up Your Cashflow!

You’ve done a great job for your client and now you need to send across your invoice. We show how you can make it look super professional and as simple and straightforward to pay as possible. Click through here to find out more.

Sell on Passion not Price

You’re on a downwards spiral if you’re looking to attract work through cutting your prices to the bone. Gillian Devine explains how a move to a high-quality boutique model not only helped her to move her prices upward but it also gave her a much more relaxed and fulfilling working life.


Trading Up — DSLR to Mirrorless

If you’re wanting to hop aboard the mirrorless bandwagon but don’t have lots of cash to spare, then take a look at the opportunities presented by selling your unwanted gear and trading up to something a little more up to speed. We take a look at what’s available and what it might cost you to go down the used route using second-hand specialists MPB.

Tested – The Sigma FP L

The quirky little Sigma fp has had an upgrade and has emerged as a model that, while still having impeccable filmmaking credentials, now also comes with a set of formidable pro-standard still camera features on board. Adam Duckworth gives us the full lowdown on a model that’s now a true hybrid.


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