Professional Photo Portrait Photographer of the year contest

Portraits come in all shapes and sizes and we’re hoping to see a wide variety of them over the coming months as we set six challenging categories in our brand new Professional Portrait Competition.

Between now and next March we’ll be inviting photographers to submit their best single image on a chosen theme, and in each issue there will be a new subject set and we’ll be revealing our latest winner. It will be a chance to pits your wits against your fellow professionals and to battle it out for a monthly prize and a £1000 pot of money to spend at One Vision Imaging for the overall winner, who will announced on the One Vision stand at TPS 2020.

There is a live gallery here on the website so that all entries can be seen and appreciated.

Professional Photo Wedding Photographer of the year contest

If you’ve ever thought that wedding photography was a refuge for a traditional and rather unadventurous approach then you clearly haven’t been keeping an eye on the work of photographers such as Lisa Devlin of Photography Farm fame or been checking out the exciting and edgy practitioners who inhabit the pages of leading wedding website Rock ’n Roll Bride.

Because if you had then you would realise that the world is changing and that this is a sector that is now attracting some of the most creative and exciting photographers on the planet. Our fresh new competition in association with AsukaBook has been set up specifically to throw a spotlight on the talent that’s out there and to give it a stage, both in the magazine and on our website. Over the next six issues we’ll be throwing out a selection of challenges and asking for your best single shot to meet each one, and you’ll be able to see how it’s all developing as the month goes by as the entries build up in real time on the Professional Photo website.

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