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Welcome to Professional Photo Online!

Terry Hope

I’m very proud to reveal our shiny new website, which is set to become our vital online portal to the print version of Professional Photo, which remains a crucial part of our mix. Any publication that wants to have a future in this modern world needs to operate on more than one platform and to have a way of sharing content online and we’ll be using this website to its fullest extent. We’ll be sharing extra content from features we’re running in the magazine, showcasing film material via our brand new YouTube Channel, offering an entry point for the competitions we’re setting up and delivering news content that’s fresh, original and of relevance to the professional photographer.

This website is also designed to act as a means of communication between ourselves and the big wide world out there, and the fact is that those who choose to pick up Professional Photo are the ones that own this magazine and I want to reflect that fact. We’re here to deliver content that you want to read so get in touch to tell us when you think we’re doing something right, don’t be afraid to let us know if you think we’re getting things wrong and do feel free to suggest ideas and to contribute features to us. We want to hear about your successes, perhaps your noble failures, the things that make you proud to be a professional photographer and those things that really get under your skin. Tell us what makes you tick and how you’re surviving in this crazy, full on business we’re in, and share and network with your fellow travellers on this journey.

So, come and join us and sign up to the Pro Community. There are plenty of things in the pipeline, such as discounts and exclusive offers, that will help to bring the professional industry and those who work in it closer together and we’re just starting out on the journey of reinventing what we do and how we present our content to the world. So bear with us, excuse us if there’s the odd niggle in the website that needs a little ironing out and tell us how we’re doing! 

You can listen to my podcast with the amazing portrait and wedding photographer Paul Wilkinson below, where I talk about this new venture and my passion for photography and more!

Terry Hope,

Editor, Professional Photo

Professional Photo Magazine

The UK’s number one title for professional photographers, Professional Photo is a must-read for all full-time and aspiring pro photographers. A diverse and inspiring magazine for the modern professional, every issue offers great features, superb photographs, essential advice and authoritative buying information. 

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Issues 2020

Professional Photo Issue 175

Professional Photo 175 is now in the shops and we’ve got the wonderfully eccentric Flora Borsi on our cover, with a shot from her hugely inventive animal series. There’s lots more on Flora inside plus we’ve also got a full hands-on review of one of the most eagerly anticipated cameras of recent years, the incredible new Canon R5, so don’t miss Michael O’Sullivan’s expert verdict. There’s also the start of an important new series, Time to Turn Pro, in this issue, where we’ll be giving advice on how to turn that dream of a professional career into reality, and we’re kicking things off with a look at a typical day in the life of a wedding photographer. Add to this a thought-provoking story about the perception of beauty in photography, our regular lighting masterclass, which looks this month at Rotolight’s continuous lighting options, plus a full review of the upgraded new Canon A3 desktop printer the ImagePROGRAF Pro-300, and you’re looking at yet another action-packed issue. Grab your copy now!

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Professional Photo Issue 174

Professional Photo is back in print and returning with a vengeance, with a cover and portfolio from the legendary Bob Carlos Clarke, who unbelievably would have turned 70 this year. We’re celebrating his career with a look at some of his most iconic images and an overview of his legacy from those that knew him best. To put a smile on the face we’re also going behind the scenes in the studios of a selection of newborn photographers to get a feel for different styles and approaches, we’ve got an overview of location lighting that’s suitable for both stills and video, we’re taking a closer look at the exciting R5 and R6 announcements from Canon and we’re also asking whether that eye-catching 8K video facility is going to be something that you’re ever likely to be using. Add in our regular contributions from marketing and business experts such as Lisa Devlin, Melissa Love and Julia Boggio plus in-depth reviews of the Nikon D6 powerhouse and Tamron’s fast new 28-200mm zoom and you’ve got all of the ingredients for an unmissable issue: pick up a copy now!

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Professional Photo Issue 173

Our latest digital-only issue 173, is another 100-page epic and it’s overflowing with great content, positive stories, marketing expertise, essential technique and expert comment and reviews. As things slowly start to pick up again what more could you want? We’ve got an exclusive interview with the legend that is Greg Gorman, talking about a stellar fifty-year career in Hollywood where he’s photographed just about anyone who is anyone, and counts many of them as personal friends to boot. Don’t miss our eight-page epic look at his amazing work, much of which has never been widely shared before. On another level we’re also talking to photojournalist Justin Tallis, who gives a fascinating account of what it was like having London almost to himself at the height of lockdown. Elsewhere in this issue we’re reporting on how one photographer carried on his model shoots by working remotely, achieving some great results, while Karl Taylor is singing the praises of compact studios and showing how they can still be the perfect environment for commercial photography. For good measure we’re also looking at how to make money from selling video clips, are testing out the mighty new Fujifilm XT-4 and are showing how to get the best portraits out on location on a sunny day. Another great mash up of stories in fact, so log on and check it out!

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Professional Photo Issue 172

Introducing our second digital-only special and this one is similarly heaving with unmissable content. So sign up, download and get stuck in: there are nearly 100 pages of great stories to get to grips with inside and lots of tantalising tangents to dive off on, thanks to the highly interactive nature of our fully digital publication. Our cover this month is from celebrated US fashion specialist Jim Jordan, who tells us the extraordinary story of how he moved from being a hair and make-up specialist to being the main man behind the camera, while we’re also profiling the incredible Marilyn Stafford, whose real life story reads like the script for a Hollywood movie. She hung out with Robert Capa and Cartier-Bresson, sung in a Paris nightclub and, while well into her nineties, she was instrumental in setting up a top award to encourage female photographers. We’ve also got Richard Bradbury walking us through the building of his new home studio, a fresh graduate telling us how she’s going about getting assisting experience, a catch up with a man who’s adding vlogging to his photography mix and a look at why DAM is so crucial for a professional business. Oh, and a detailed review of the brand new Canon 1DX Mark III flagship for good measure. So insanely full, this issue is positively bursting at the seams!

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Professional Photo Issue 171

The first ever digital-only issue in Professional Photo’s history is now on sale and it’s bursting at the seams! At 108 pages it’s our biggest issue for years and it’s a full fifty per cent fatter than Issue 170: well, that’s lockdown for you! It needed to be huge to accommodate the wealth of content we’ve got lined up for you, much of which is fully interactive. So, you’ll be able to link directly off the page to watch extra video content, visit galleries and external websites, enter our competition to win a Sennheiser wireless mic at the click of a mouse and generally go off exploring as you’re reading a story that interests you. We’ve got feedback from a selection of professional photographers, sharing tales of they’re using their time to prepare for a storming comeback when their businesses get underway again, we’re talking about how to get involved in streaming, what to consider when you’re revamping your website, ways to keep yourself on the radar with your clients, tips on how to step up your online selling, experts giving feedback on the used camera market and a comprehensive review of the exciting new Olympus OM-D E-M1 III. This is huge and, to cap it all off, it’s all available at £3.99, so a full pound cheaper than the regular printed edition. Take a look and we think you’ll like what you see!

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Professional Photo Issue 170

A welcome touch of normality in a world that’s – temporarily at least – turned upside down, the latest issue of Professional Photo has just hit the shops and it’s got plenty inside to remind you of happier times and hopefully those that will shortly come again. There’s a strong wedding flavour, in the form of a portfolio from alternative specialist Sam Hurd, a selection of top international wedding photographers selected by Lisa Devlin choosing the image that proved to be a game changer for them and a look at some of the latest presentational products that can boost profits. Reflecting the issues so many are facing at the moment Melissa Love is giving her tips on what a small business can do to not only survive but to thrive and we’re testing out the Hasselblad X1D 50C and the latest lighting launch from Elinchrom, the ELC 125 and 500

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Professional Photo Issue 169

The latest issue of Professional Photo has just hit the shelves and our striking cover image is a shot by Justin Hession from the fascinating project that saw him go behind the scenes at a number of China’s mega photographic studios where clients can book a session to be captured in a highly traditional style. We’ve also got a full review of Nikon’s feature-packed new DSLR, the D780, a first look at the Olympus O-MD E-M1 Mark III, which promises to be a game changer for those looking for an alternative to full frame, and a look at the burgeoning second hand market, which is rapidly becoming a favoured way for professionals to trade up their gear. Lots to whet the appetite, so make sure you pick up a copy!

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Professional Photo Issue 168

Our latest issue has a fine art feel to it as we present a monster round-up of the very best inkjet papers and printers, brought together by renowned expert Mike McNamee. We’ve got case studies, previews of upcoming new media and shed loads of information on such crucial issues as print fade resistance: don’t miss it! Also in this issue we’re catching up with renowned landscape photographer Charlie Waite, whose latest project has been shot using MFT cameras, a lighting technique feature that shows you how to capture romantic couples and Lisa Devlin’s Twenty Top Tips for 2020! You can’t afford to miss this so make sure you don’t miss out!

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Professional Photo Issue 167

Our first issue of the New Year sees us heading beneath the waves with fine art photographer Lexi Laine, who introduces us to her underwater world where both she and her models practice freediving for up to three-and-a-half minutes at a time. And the results are amazing! We’re also kicking off 2020 with a look at the training that’s available from a number of sources that are designed to equip you with new skills with which to face the year ahead. On the test bench we have the latest Olympus E-M 5 III and Nikon Z 50 head-to-head, both ideal for the travel photographer, and our lighting technique covered this month shows you how to freeze action even on the darkest of winter days. Another action-packed read so dive in and join us!

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Back Issues 2019

Professional Photo Issue 166

This month’s cover was shot especially for the magazine by renowned fashion photographer Adam Parker using Panasonic’s mighty S1R FF Mirrorless camera and we’ve got the full story of the shoot and lots more images inside. Our final issue of 2019 is a hybrid special, reflecting the fact that so many professional photographers these days are now being asked to provide high quality video to their clients.

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Professional Photo Issue 164

A majestic polar bear is our cover star this month, a glorious wildlife study by renowned photographer Andy Rouse, who is the subject of our Portfolio feature this month. Also in this bumper special issue is a mega eight-page section where we profile the major professional associations and explain who each of them caters for, the awards they offer and the cost of joining.

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Professional Photo Issue 163

Our latest issue is not only bumper in size but also content, simply overflowing with great features, essential technique and expert opinion. Our cover features a classic fashion shot from Melbourne-based photographer and highly respected trainer Vicky Papas, which ties in with an interview that reveals how her timeless approach is winning her big name clients…

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Professional Photo Issue 162

Our latest issue has a summer feel epitomised by Flora Borsi’s unconventional ice cream cover shot, taken with the brand new Hasselblad XD II 50C. Inside you’ll find a wealth of pro-centred stories, ranging from Richard Bradbury’s recreation of scenes from the epic war film The Great Escape through to David Nash’s lowdown on his exquisite and award winning culinary creations

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