The latest launch from highly regarded lighting and colour technology specialist Rosco is the DMG Dash, a pocket-sized LED fixture that brings the company’s celebrated MIX technology into a portable and versatile handheld form factor.

Featuring the same six-chip LED set that’s found in all of Rosco’s MIX lights, the DMG DASH can create over 130 True Rosco Color gel matches and light output, with high 95+ CRI and 90+ TLCI values. The new product also ships with a full range of magnetised beam shaping accessories, while the DMG Dot is a silicone half globe diffuser that creates a beautiful round light, adding a dash of colour into a tabletop spot.

Despite its compact size, the output from the Dash is formidable, with a Boost Mode feature that allows for 380 Lux at 1 metre, in a 5 x 3.1 x 1.1in light. The fixture can be controlled via its onboard menu options and pre-set dial, or via Bluetooth using the myMIX app, with modes including Gel, White, Colour, Effects and Source Match. Meanwhile build quality is first rate, with an outdoor rating for use in all weather conditions and a solid aluminium alloy housing. First delivery of product is expected in Spring, 2021.

The new DMG DASH is sold in two different configurations:

  • DMG DASH Pocket LED Kit – includes case, USB-C cable, flat diffuser, dome diffuser, eggcrate, light stand and magnet mounts, and gel holder. List price: €239 Euros.
  • Quad Kit – includes four complete pocket kits, a carrying case and a LINK accessory to configure and mount the four lights together. List price: €1099 Euros.

Read  Jim Mark’s exclusive review of the DMG DASH below.

WITH EVERY TECHNOLOGY there’s a tipping point, an inflection if you will, where the latest and greatest moves on to become the new expected standard. It naturally occurs when the price point and usability allow the incumbent way of doing things to be swept aside by the new.

The new Rosco DMG DASH potentially provides one of those moments. A small pocket-sized 6-chip LED light that includes Red, Blue, Green, Amber, Lime and White to create over sixteen

million hues of light, it’s atractively priced at around £200. This is technology that has traditionally led to products that are heavier, power hungry and more expensive than conventional dual colour or daylight LED solutions, but the new DASH promises to change all this.

This self-contained little fixture comes with the ability to be a soft or hard light, with precise colour control. It ships in a nifty small case that contains the light itself, along with a whole raft of accessories for diffusion and mounting. I’m really pleased to see this, as it allows you to always keep all of the bits together and to pop everything into your larger roll-on camera bag.

The DMG DASH is well built and features a solid metal construction, which doubles as a heat sink. There are plenty of attachment points, with mounting screw threads on the base, back and left-hand side, with a main control bezel on the right. A USB-C charging port sits below it, behind a generous rubber seal, which suggests poor weather survival.

Meanwhile there is a control screen and three clear, glove-friendly, buttons on the back, with a general fit and finish that suggests this product has been built to be used and abused on set. There are three magnetic light shaping tools included in the kit, comprising a grid, a flat diffusion panel and a larger curved mini soft box, that delivers a surprisingly gentle light. These are stackable and work a treat. For added utility Rosco has included a stand mount and an extra magnet mount, a thoughtful touch.

The rear screen shows your light intensity, colour, kelvin, battery level and modes, while the control bezel allows you to fine tune your output or colour

with a gentle twist or, alternatively, to jump through in quarters with a push-in touch. However, the real magic happens when you download the Rosco MyMix app. This was the eye opener for me, as it really unlocks the creative potential of these units.

Using this app, you can create a group of lights or control just the one, and use your phone screen to dial in exactly the settings you require. Gels, effects, source matrix, all of these can be changed instantly with speed and reliability. Then there is the Rosco gel library, which enabled me to pick a gel I know well and to save it across all my lighting. When the client changes their mind, I can pick up my phone and show the new look immediately: impressive!


ROSCO SEES THE DMG DASH as being a landmark product for them and they might just be right. The price is highly affordable, the features on-board are stunning and the control it puts into your hands is formidable. I was particularly impressed by the DMG DASH’s ability to put a full range of filter choices at my fingertips: no cutting of gels, no bits of tape or heat issues, just controllable colours with an app interface that’s speedy and a pleasure to use.

It might be the smallest light in the Rosco line-up, but with today’s camera’s becoming increasingly sensitive, it offers a size and feature set that I’m confident will have real world appeal. I can see this fixture gaining a huge following. Check out the video below.

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