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  • Super Strong Samsung microSD cards announced.

    Pro Photo Mag: The latest microSD cards in Samsung’s PRO Endurance range have just been announced, with the emphasis on reliability and high-performance in testing conditions.

  • Professional Photo Issue 195

    Pro Photo Mag: There’s a characterful portrait gracing the cover of the latest issue of Professional Photo, provided by Italian American photographer Michael Chinnici, whose love affair with Cuba forms the basis of this month’s Project feature. Michael explains how he’s not just inspired by this remarkable place, but he’s also creating a record of its culture as modernisation sweeps across the island bringing fundamental changes in its wake. Tapping into the theme of glorious decay that’s still the hallmark of much of Cuba’s infrastructure, French photographer Umbertha Richeux shares her atmospheric portfolio with us, which consists of a revealing series of self-portraits, all set against a rich tableau of sumptuous yet slowly decaying abandoned buildings, sourced across Europe. Elsewhere in this issue we’re finding out how master portrait photographer Paul Wilkinson managed to remove the crowds from a busy scene in the centre of the tourist hot spot of Oxford, while Chris Ord is continuing his unmissable lighting masterclass series by demonstrating what can be achieved through the use of natural light supplemented by a single light and softbox: we guarantee you won’t believe what he’s managed to extract from the unpromising setting of a multi-storey car park! We’re showing you how to sharpen up your act in our latest Affinity Photo workshop, checking out how image stabilisation technology is changing the way you can work as a filmmaker in our CVP Move Towards Motion series and Lisa Devlin is telling us why she felt obliged to re-start her Thrive Convention after having to cancel the event at the height of the pandemic. Plus we’ve got not one but two major camera reviews for you this month, the eagerly awaited return of the Olympus OM-1 and the video-focused new Panasonic GH6. So much to read and catch up on, so make sure you don’t miss out!

  • Trust Your Memory with Lexar

    Pro Photo Mag: Memory is one area where no professional would want to cut corners and Lexar is a quality brand that can provide everything you need, from cards through to readers and storage.

  • Monitor Must-Knows!

    Pro Photo Mag: If you’re an imaging professional regularly working on post-production, you need a top-class monitor that’s up to the job. So read our handy Q&A Guide to find out the basic requirements.

  • Win the Latest Kenro RGB Compact LED Video Light!

    Pro Photo Mag: We’re testing out Kenro’s brand new Smart Lites in this issue, and here’s your chance to win the exciting new RGB Compact LED Video Light in our easy-toenter competition.

  • Panasonic Lumix GH6 Test Video Footage

    Pro Photo Mag: Professional Photo Panasonic LUMIX GH6 test video footage.

  • OM1 Slow-Motion Test

    Pro Photo Mag: OM1 Slow motion Test.

  • Video – Lighting Techniques – Lone Light Set-Ups

    Pro Photo Mag: Lighting expert Chris Ord, is shouting about the virtues of single light set-ups, which are not only easy to manage but can be full of surprising variety while helping to speed things up on challenging commercial shoots.

  • Video – Affinity Photo Tutorial – Sharpen Up Your Act

    Pro Photo Mag: To create an honest portrait of your subject you need to include the characteristics that make them who they are, and Affinity Photo’s High Pass Filter can be the tool that enables you to do exactly that.

  • Pro Academy with Nikon School – Country Wildlife

    Pro Photo Mag: You don’t need to travel to the ends of the earth to find brilliant wildlife subjects. If you’re patient there are wild creatures to focus on that can be close by, or even in your own garden.

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