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  • Professional Photo Issue 173

    Pro Photo Mag: Our latest digital-only issue i173, is another 100-page epic and it’s overflowing with great content, positive stories, marketing expertise, essential technique and expert comment and reviews. As things slowly start to pick up again what more could you want? We’ve got an exclusive interview with the legend that is Greg Gorman, talking about a stellar fifty-year career in Hollywood where he’s photographed just about anyone who is anyone, and counts many of them as personal friends to boot. Don’t miss our eight-page epic look at his amazing work, much of which has never been widely shared before. On another level we’re also talking to photojournalist Justin Tallis, who gives a fascinating account of what it was like having London almost to himself at the height of lockdown. Elsewhere in this issue we’re reporting on how one photographer carried on his model shoots by working remotely, achieving some great results, while Karl Taylor is singing the praises of compact studios and showing how they can still be the perfect environment for commercial photography. For good measure we’re also looking at how to make money from selling video clips, are testing out the mighty new Fujifilm XT-4 and are showing how to get the best portraits out on location on a sunny day. Another great mash up of stories in fact, so log on and check it out!

  • Virtual Beauty

    Pro Photo Mag: Face-to-face beauty shoots were cancelled in the wake of Covid-19, but enterprising models and photographers devised online ways to carry on and this approach could be here to stay.

  • Video – Affinity Photo Tutorial – Cut The Crowds

    Pro Photo Mag: Every photographer knows the frustration of visiting a popular location and not being able to shoot an unobstructed scene, but Affinity Photo allows you to have the place to yourself.

  • Olympus – Built for Adventure

    Pro Photo Mag: Olympus mentor Ellie Cartwright explains how she became addicted to the adrenaline of action sports and why she’s bonded big time with the E-M1 Mark III.

  • The Photo and Video Kit Hall of Fame with MPB

    Pro Photo Mag: Which photo and video kit is scheduled to go down in history when MPB announces the result of its first-ever Hall of Fame next month? You can help decide and every vote counts!

  • DxO Free Webinars in July

    Pro Photo Mag: DxO is continuing its free photography webinar program and offering new online sessions through the month of July. Adapted to all photographers, from beginners to experts, DxO webinars provide users with a step-by-step workflow walk-through as well as tips and advice on the photo editing process.

  • Win £500 worth of Audio kit from Sennheiser and Bubblebee!

    Pro Photo Mag: Following on from our webinar on how to improve the audio that accompanies your video footage, we’re giving you the opportunity to win a to-die-for audio kit.

  • Nisi – An Invitation to Upgrade

    Pro Photo Mag: NiSi UK has announced an upgrade promotion that enables those who are looking to move across to its highly regarded filter range the opportunity to trade in their existing filter holder from any manufacturer - including out of production NiSi holders and the V5 Pro - in return for a 20% reduction on a wide selection of NiSi holders, filters and kits.

  • Ron Smith hits the big 100!

    Pro Photo Mag: Much revered photography tutor Ron Smith hit the milestone age of 100 at the start of June, receiving the best wishes of countless students who benefitted from the training he delivered while working at the new Holland Park School, London’s first purpose-built comprehensive, between 1958 and 1983.

  • The Move Towards Motion Part 7 – Reach Out to The World

    Pro Photo Mag: If you’re shooting with a mirrorless camera the chances are you already have most of the kit you need to get involved in vlogging and it’s a great way to show the world your personality.

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