Not to be deterred by the fact that Covid-19 has effectively made it impossible to hold an auction in the traditional manner, Special Auction Services (SAS) in Newbury has re-invented itself as an online-only business for the time being, and with a great deal of success.

The previous online event held back in June nearly doubled the lower estimate to make £155,000, providing a great boost at a tough time, and it included prices of £14,000 each for an early Leica M3 and black M2 and an overall price of nearly £20,000 for the Godfrey Batting Collection.

The next SAS Auction on October 20 includes a wide range of other superb items, from a large collection of fine mahogany and brass, tropical, stereo, folding and panoramic cameras through to the highly-renowned Bill Barnes Collection, including a Kinora, cinema toys, a family group of twelve Claudet Daguerreotypes, stereo images and cartes de visite, as well as usable 5×4, medium format and modern digital cameras.

SAS is happy to assist with the sale of all types of cameras of all values, photographs and related items and is also able to visit to pick up collections. If interested contact Hugo Marsh, Paul Mason or Mike Spencer on 01635 580595 or email



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