Moving into audio it soon becomes clear no single microphone can cover every eventuality, but fortunately Sennheiser’s extensive range delivers a variety of options.

JUST AS WITH still photography, the world of motion comes packed with endless variety, and it stands to reason that this ensures a wide range of audio scenarios that need to be successfully negotiated. You could find yourself shooting within a run ‘n gun setup, for example, utilising an on-camera shotgun mic, or alternatively you might be filming an interview situation with two or more subjects, each of whom needs to be fitted with a discreet wireless lavalier mic. You could even be vlogging with a smartphone, where the audio requirements are different again, and you’ll need to find a bespoke solution for every situation.

The answer is to look around to source the right microphone for the job, and fortunately audio specialists such as Sennheiser understand the challenge perfectly and offer a wide selection of products perfectly tailored for just about every eventuality. There’s even a highly regarded range of monitoring headphones in the mix, and the brand has been a trusted partner for generations of filmmakers.


To give some idea of the wide range that’s offered to professionals, here’s a round-up of some the classic Sennheiser products that are available to those working in a variety of filmmaking scenarios.

Case Study

PRODUCTION COMPANY PURE was set up by Olie Bryl at the beginning of 2020 to promote the work of unsigned musical artists through its YouTube outlet PURE WASSS. The results were good enough for PURE to gain a reputation and to grow significantly, but Olie realised that quality levels needed to step up and consequently he looked around for a more professional set up that would still be compact enough to carry easily.

“We looked at what was available as the next step up, tested out a few options and decided that Sennheiser’s MKE 400 would be ideal for us,” Oli says. “We immediately noticed a real improvement in sound quality and the system is incredibly easy to set up, so it’s helped to improve our workflow as well.

“We have both the shotgun mic that mounts onto the cold shoe of our Panasonic Lumix GH5, which we use when we’re doing pieces to camera ourselves or want to capture the sound of our surroundings as well as the interviewees, and we use a lavalier mic for intimate interviews with artists, which gives that extra bit of clarity to their voices.

“Using the MKE 400 system also gives us a more professional image and is allowing us to approach a different level of artist, which is helping us raise our own profile at the same time as producing a higher level of audio content.”

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