As photographers we all love spending time in the great outdoors and understand just how important it is to look after our fragile but beautiful planet. So the fact that SIGMA UK is committing to planting a tree for every camera and lens it sells in 2022 comes as amazing news.

And it gets better: every time a camera or lens is registered for a free extended warranty at during 2022, SIGMA UK will plant another!

The UK wing of the Japanese camera and lens manufacturer is making this commitment in partnership with California-based Eden Reforestation Projects, which operates in a number of countries across three continents, including Madagascar, Mozambique and Nepal.

Paul Reynolds, General Manager at SIGMA UK said, “We think it’s fantastic that UK customers can get a tree planted when they buy a SIGMA lens this year, and another when registering for a free extended warranty. It’s good for the environment and good for the communities doing the planting. It really is a win-win all-round.”

Planting trees helps to trap and store carbon from the atmosphere, which in turn slows down the rate at which our climate is warming due to human activity. Eden’s reforestation projects also help to support ecosystems, reduce soil erosion and create livelihoods for thousands of people living in impoverished communities.

Nursery director in Nepal

The SIGMA Corporation takes its ethical and environmental responsibilities seriously, with a range of measures to reduce its impact on the planet. And because virtually everything SIGMA makes is manufactured in its own factory in Japan, it doesn’t rely on long-distance, highcarbon-emitting supply chains. In a 2019 study by, which looked at the ethical and environmental record of 12 key camera brands, SIGMA was proud to top the list.

The company hopes projects like this tree-planting initiative will get photographers thinking about what else they can do, locally and globally, to look after our incredible natural world. For more information contact or visit the links below.

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