Professional Photo Wedding Photographer of the Year contest.

The winners of the sixth wedding category has been announced in a contest in which the overall winner will win an AsukaBook Zenbook and category winners also winning Asukabook individual prizes.

Sixth Category ‘Celebrations’ was won by Andrew Billington.

THIS IMAGE WAS TAKEN at Iscoyd Park this year at a British Asian/French fusion wedding. It was the end of a very long day and there had been two ceremonies, two changes of dress and I stayed well into the evening so that I could get some photographs of everyone letting loose on the dance floor. This photo was taken at 12:21am, and this is the bride getting down with her guests. Immediately afterwards a limbo contest broke out and I left soon after that!

Technical stats are that it was taken with a Fujifilm X-Pro 2 with a Tamron 12mm lens, and the exposure was 1/15sec at f/10 with the camera set to ISO 1600. I used a handheld Godox flash in my left hand at 1/64th power with a radio trigger.

Judge: Lisa Devlin

Andrew’s is definitely my stand out shot from this round. It captures the party atmosphere and I love how vibrant it is while still remaining beautifully framed and energetic.

By Andrew Billington

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