Sony Corporation has announced it will provide both service and financial support to the global creative industry as part of its Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19.

The support will include financial contributions for creators such as videographers, cinematographers, camera operators engaged in sports, filmmaking and scripted television and commercial production as well as complimentary maintenance services for those using Sony cameras and Imaging PRO Support.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted content creators in nearly every facet of the industry. Sporting and music events, movies and television filming, as well as weddings and other private events have been put on hold. These have had a significant disruption on the commercial activities of professionals who support these industries with photo and video production, and Sony is committed to helping these creators through these difficult times. The “Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19 (100 million US dollars) was established in April to help those who are affected by the pandemic.

“Sony has always worked closely with the creative community, by helping them pursue high-quality content creation”, said Hiroshi Kawano, Vice President, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc. “This community’s success is vital to our own, which is why we have decided to implement these support measures in their time of need. We envision a future where content creators, especially younger generations, will be able to continue pursuing creative endeavors with superior production values, despite today’s challenging situation. We are proud to contribute funds and support to the content creation industry.”

1) Financial contribution to videographers and camera operators engaged in sports, filmmaking and scripted television and commercial production

Sony will be making donations to the following organizations to support their members who are videographers and camera operators in the production industry:

  • Sports Video Group (Content creators involved in the production of sports events in the United States and Europe)
  • International Cinematographers Guild “Local 600” (Cinematographers and videographers in the United States)
  • The American Society of Cinematography (Cinematographers in the United States)
  • IMAGO (International federation of Cinematographers, World Wide apart from US, Canada and Japan)
  • Japan Society of Cinematographers (Cinematographers in Japan)

2) Complimentary maintenance service of camera system for Sony Imaging PRO Support members

Sony Imaging PRO Support is a membership service offering premium care for professional photographers who use Sony’s camera systems in a professional capacity. Sony will provide complimentary inspection, cleaning and firmware version check services for existing members*1 globally*2, where this membership is available, in order to assure users that their digital imaging devices are ready when needed. The application for this complimentary service is planned to roll out in July*3 and be available until December 31st.

In addition to this, Sony plans to make a financial contribution to the National Institute of Informatics in Japan to promote remote education at universities.

Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, Sony remains committed to furthering its support of creators and their activities.

*1In addition, the applicants to Sony Imaging PRO Support by this June also be included.

*2 Service sites are located in North America, part of Europe, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India and Australia.For more details of the service and conditions, please visit the website of Sony Imaging PRO Support in each region.

*3The timing to start this complimentary service may vary in each region.

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