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The newly-formed and fast-growing Coalition of Photographers, which is aiming to provide a united voice for the photographic industry in its time of crisis, has now uploaded its letter template for individual businesses to fill in and to send over to Parliament and their local MP. The aim is for as many photographers as possible, in whatever part of the industry they might be in, to put pressure on for a fairer deal for self-employed photographers and to recognise the fall out that’s being created by the introduction of such measures as the Rule of Six and the limitation of wedding guest numbers to just 15.

The letter template and list of addresses it can be sent to can be downloaded here . Or viewed and downloaded on the right.

The aim is to collectively send in as many letters as possible to arrive on or around October 12, so time is short, but the hope is that as many professionals as possible will feel motivated to take part in what is intended to be a great awareness-raising initiative.

View and print or download letter PDF above.

Few within the photographic industry have been unaffected by the devastating impact of Covid-19, with the latest hammer blow being the reduction in numbers allowed to attend weddings to just 15, potentially for the next six months, at a time when there were some signs of a little welcome normality returning to this sector. 

Of course photographers aren’t the only ones seeing their livelihoods under intense threat, but the fact that so many of those who work in this sector are running limited companies, who have been specifically excluded from any form of help from the government, and because so many are calling out for help as individuals rather than as an organised body, it’s meant that much of the struggle that is going on to keep this sector alive has gone largely unnoticed by the media and the general public.

It’s to address this very lack of a cohesive and united voice that the ‘Coalition of Photographers’ has been formed, and the aim is for this to be the united voice of Photography Associations and Photography Trade. At its first meeting were Ray Lowe (MPA), Martin Baynes (BIPP), Colin Jones (SWPP), Karen Massey (RISE), Debbie Bedford and Shaun Ferry (Loxley Colour), Jeremy Price (Graphistudio), plus Lesley and Steve Thirsk from the Guild of Photographers. 

An outline plan has been agreed, which will see a day of action to target the Government on October 12, 2020, and professional photographers and those connected with the industry around the country are being invited to become a part of this coalition, to highlight the inequality of the current policies, with one voice and one plan of action.

In particular the aim of the campaign is to highlight and suggest credible solutions to help the many missing out on support grants, and to resolve the significant inconsistencies in the policies on gatherings such as weddings and other events that photographers can earn their living from, directly or indirectly.

As a publication that’s here to serve the professional photographic business Professional Photo very much supports this initiative, so please do look out for updates as when they are released, which will shortly include the sharing of agreed template-based letters, culminating in an en-masse delivery of them on 12th October. The plan is to flood key departments, individuals and media outlets with letters to make sure that the collective message is being heard. The key message is to ask that photographers are not forgotten and to request parity with other industries that can still function.

Head to the Coalition’s Facebook page to sign up and to find more information

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