THERE ARE MANY SOFTWARE programs out there that have been designed to help you manage one specific aspect of your photographic business, but there surely can’t be any that can match the incredible breadth of high-value options, stretching from delivery and storage through to studio management and website design, that the Pixieset program provides.

The company had its origins way back in 2013. Pixieset co-founder Phoebe Jiang, a second shooter for a local photographer in Vancouver, started to wonder if there could be a better way to deliver and proof images rather than having to burn a DVD or upload the files to a USB drive. This was the laborious and time consuming way that things were done back then.

While there were tools such as Dropbox and WeTransfer available, Phoebe and her husband Simon Wong, a software engineer, figured they could create something better, so they built the prototype of Pixieset, and photographers loved it and immediately started telling others about how good it was. Now, almost a decade on, Pixieset has matured into a place where photographers come to run their businesses, with a platform that covers everything from signing a contract to delivering images, getting paid online and showcasing portfolios and services.

From that straightforward first app that allowed professional photographers to simply share their files, the platform has now grown to encompass pretty much every aspect of running a professional business. The Pixieset ethos is to provide the tools that enable the pro to get their business better organised, enabling them to cut back on admin work and to focus on the most enjoyable aspects. Alongside there is also help to ensure they get paid on time, so they can settle their bills, invest in themselves and further nurture their business. The opportunity to pay by card or PayPal removes unnecessary friction, provides clients with a convenient way to make payments and helps photographers gain more financial security.

ABOVE: The Business Manager app in Pixieset enables contracts to be managed and payments to be collected.

Pixieset’s philosophy is about making their products highly intuitive, so that everyone from beginners through to seasoned experts can pick it up easily and, should there ever be any technical issues there is always someone on hand at Pixieset to talk you through them. The company is continually evaluating feedback to make sure it keeps up to speed on the features pros are looking for.


ONE OF THE MOST useful Pixieset apps is the Store, which is included with all Client Gallery plans, free and paid, and this enables a seamless purchasing experience. Clients can preview their images, select favourites and then order prints directly through their photo gallery. Apart from premium print products, the photographer has the option to offer digital downloads, product bundles, gift cards and promo codes.

The Apps on Offer

Here’s a quick overview of the stunning line-up of apps that are currently offered under the Pixieset umbrella:


A simple, intuitive and elegant tool that helps photographers and videographers share their work in the form of JPEGs, pngs, gifs and videos. Customers can preview their images, highlight their favourite ones, download them and order prints directly through the Store app. They can also preview, download and share videos straight through their gallery.


This is a fully integrated app that allows photographers to sell print products and digital downloads directly from inside their collections. Any client can access their gallery, select a few images and then place an order to have them printed, and they can also download them as digital files. Depending on the preferred print lab that’s linked to the account, Store orders can also be set to be fulfilled automatically if desired.


Pixieset’s website builder makes building a website a breeze. You can start with a beautiful pre-made theme and then just simply add your content, customise the layout structure and you’re done, with no code involved and no hosting required.


“This is a fully-featured business app that’s designed to help photographers enhance client onboarding, manage contracts, price quotes and invoices with ease, send questionnaires and collect payments faster. Integrated with Stripe and PayPal for online payments, there are also booking and scheduling options coming soon.


Case Studies


            JOANNA BRIGGS

BIRMINGHAM-BASED wedding specialist Joanna Briggs has been working with Pixieset since 2015, when she first started to use it to deliver online galleries to clients. “I’d seen it recommended by other photographers,” she says, “and loved that they had a free account option which made it easy to trial until I decided to upgrade.”

Joanna uses all of the apps Pixieset offers, transferring over her website as soon as that service came on stream. “I love how userfriendly everything is, and it’s great for it all to have a consistent look. I’m also in the process of moving everything over to Studio Manager, and love having everything I need in one place.

“Everything Pixieset offers is so user-friendly, and you customise everything to fit your brand. Their customer service is brilliant too: whenever I’ve had a query, they’ve been really quick to respond, and when Studio Manager was launched I needed a couple of extra features, so I asked them if they’d be adding these in. They welcomed the feedback and told me they were in the works. I’d highly recommend the program to any fellow professional.”


          NADIA MELI

PORTRAIT PROFESSIONAL Nadia Meli has also been using Pixieset for the past seven years and declares herself highly satisfied with what it provides. “I was thrilled to find a way to send my clients their photos that not only looked stunning but was also quick, with no waiting time once the images were ready. Pixieset was the first company to offer a cloud storage that actually looked good as well as being functional.”

Nadia now uses Pixieset for most things, utilising the Store to upsell to clients and the Studio Manager for quotes, contracts and invoicing, and she’s also considering switching her website. “Being a solopreneur is hard work and simplicity is key! It makes my workflow so much easier to have everything in one place instead of paying for nine different subscriptions for the products I need. I love that Pixieset offers me that simplicity and peace of mind.

“I’ve also always found the program to be the embodiment of intuitive. I have trialled other gallery apps over my 12 years of being a photographer and have always kept – and returned to – my Pixieset account. They are like the Apple of online galleries: so easy to use, you hardly ever need help! It just works really seamlessly and you know exactly what to do at all stages. I would 100% recommend the program to other photographers, and I really couldn’t run my business without it.”

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