If you’ve recently read Michael O’Sullivan’s review of the new Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro-300 in issue 175 of Pro Photo you’ll be in no doubt he was hugely impressed by its performance. However, even the best of printers will have its performance impaired if partnered with inferior quality media. As someone known for the quality of his fine art prints it’s crucial for Michael to have total confidence in his output, a key reason why he’s a long term user of PermaJet papers.

“I was really looking forward to seeing what the new printer could do in combination with PermaJet papers,” he says, “especially since the Pro-300 comes with the same Lucia Pro ink-set that’s used in the Pro 1000, which is universally recognised as being one of the highest quality printers around. This compares to the standard Lucia set employed by the Pro-300’s predecessor, the Pro-10s, and I was expecting to see an improvement and certainly wasn’t disappointed.”

To help him put together his review Michael worked with a wide selection of his favourite PermaJet papers, namely FB Gold Silk 315, FB Royal Gloss 310, FB Pearl 300, FB Distinction 320, Smooth Pearl 280, Museum Heritage 310, Portrait White 285, Portrait Rag 285, Gallery Etching 310 and Titanium Gloss 300, all used in tandem with PermaJet’s excellent range of free downloadable profiles.

“I figured this was a pretty good cross section of paper types to give a good assessment of what the new printer could do,” he says, “plus it allowed me to make direct comparisons with the performance of the Pro-1000, since I’ve used exactly the same papers with this printer many times in the past. When I compared results the colour prints were almost identical, with beautiful deep blacks on the fine art papers, which is a huge credit to the Pro-300, and its “Black & white reproduction has traditionally been a tricky business for inkjet printers and, by combining this new printer with the seriously good inks and the very best media, it allows results to be achieved that  can stand

comparison with those made on silver halide papers, with no colour casts, rich, deep blacks and clean highlights. Additionally the new Pro-300 offers a dedicated Baryta setting for fibre based papers as well as the expected fine art papers, optimising print head height and improving the paper feed path.”

One of Michael favourite papers is PermaJet’s Portrait Rag 285, whose classically smooth matt finish and highly calendered surface makes it a natural choice for fine art photographers. Having printed out some examples using the new Pro-300 there was no disguising Michael’s delight. “I can say confidently that these are the best matt black and white prints I have ever seen from an inkjet printer,” he says. “Canon has made a bit of a fanfare about the new matt black ink in this printer, and I have to admit, it’s warranted. The quality of the black & white output from both the Pro-1000 and Pro-300 is outstanding, although I have to admit that I slightly favoured those from the latter.

“To sum up I would have absolutely no problem whatsoever with offering results made with the new Pro-300 on PermaJet paper to collectors buying my fine art prints, and that’s how confident I am in the quality of this combination.”

Head to the PermaJet website to purchase the Pro-300 direct and you will also be able to take advantage of an introductory offer of a free Fine Art A3 test pack with each purchase, worth £62. Each pack has five sheets each from five of PermaJet’s most popular papers.

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