A chance encounter with mascot Cyril the Swan gave Peter Robinson a surreal moment to remember on the occasion of Swansea City’s very last game to be played at the Vetch Field.

WHILE THE OCCASION might have been tinged with poignancy – Swansea City’s last ever game at the Vetch Field ground that had been their home for 93 years – as always Peter Robinson was on the lookout for pictures that were as far away as possible from the obvious sporting action. The game itself, against local rivals Wrexham, took place on May 11, 2005 and ended with a 2-1 win for the Swans, but outside the ground prior to the match Peter was far more interested in the sight of the club mascot, Cyril the Swan, nonchalantly walking past the turnstiles.

“I’ve no idea what he was doing there,” says Peter, “but I saw him walking along and thought what a surreal moment it made. If you didn’t know the background you would never really associate it with a game of football, and I managed just three frames with my Nikon D100 and 20mm before he was gone. As always it was a seen moment: I never set anything up, it was a chance encounter, something happening in front of my lens.”

Peter’s impeccable sense of timing and framing has placed Cyril in exactly the right position, while the lighting and the numbers on the wall behind him add to the bizarre nature of the encounter. “For me it’s the minimalism that makes it work so well,” says Peter. “I’ve never been one for fixating on the moment the ball hits the back of the net. Rather I enjoy looking beyond that, and this particular day I got lucky. For whatever reason I came away with half a dozen pictures I was really pleased with. Whether it was the light or the occasion itself I don’t know, but it turned into quite a memorable day all round.


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