Professional Photo Portrait Photographer of the Year contest.

The winner of the third category has been announced in a contest in which the overall winner will have £1000 worth of OneVision products to choose from and category winners also winning individual prizes.

Third Category ‘Child Portraiture’ was won by Gemma Brunton

“I’d been driving past this striking ‘white’ field for a number of months and one day swerved off the road to go and take a look, to find a field full of bamboo, in the middle of Dorset! I knew I had to photograph there and when I met gorgeous Jess, with the most beautiful flaxen hair and piercing blue eyes, I knew straightaway she would make the perfect subject. On a sunny afternoon in February we put our wellies on and took the most lovely portraits standing in a soggy field, all with natural soft backlight using my Canon 5D Mark IV and 85mm lens, wide open at f/1.8. I could not have been more thrilled with how they turned out. Literally days later I drove past again to find it had all been chopped down and I count my lucky stars we did the shoot when we did!”

GUEST JUDGE:  Carolyn Medlesohn

( “I was struck by both the connection with the girl in this portrait and the pleasing symmetry and balance of the composition. I particularly love how the bamboo frames the girl so beautifully which, combined with the ethereal quality of the lighting and the colour tones, enhances the mood and natural atmosphere.”

Terry Hope, Editor, Professional Photo

“This is an excellent and riveting portrait, beautifully conceived and with sumptuous warm tones. For me the soft gaze of the subject and her direct eye contact with the viewer makes this a particularly striking portrait.”

By Gemma Brunton

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