Professional Photo Wedding Photographer of the Year contest.

The winners of the third category has been announced in a contest in which the overall winner will win an AsukaBook Zenbook and category winners also winning Asukabook individual prizes.

Third Category ‘Wedding Groups’ was won by Graig Goode of  Mr and Mrs Wedding Photography.

“This was from the wedding of Sarah and Mark at the Owen House Wedding Barn in Mobberley. It had been raining heavily outside during the ceremony, so we decided to use this hay bale part of the barn venue for some group photos of the immediate family and wedding party. I like to keep the group shots very relaxed and the numbers down so that everyone can get back to the party and it doesn’t take over the day. This was at the end of the group shots and I was keen to get the bridesmaids and groomsmen mixed together and at different heights, plus a mix of standing and seated positions. It worked out perfectly that there was equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen so, once in pairs, I just asked them to have a chat and to face each other instead of the camera. It just creates a more relaxed atmosphere, representing the day better while also capturing their individual personalities better than if they had simply been stood in a line.”

Lisa Devlin: “I thought Craig had put some effort into showing relationships within the group, while he also used the space well.”

Guest Judge Matt Parry: Any attempt to ‘break the mould’ when shooting group shots should be commended. So often photographers get thoughtful and creative with portraits and candids but neglect the group shots and simply shoot them as a standard line up. Here location, light and positioning has been considered and the result is something that catches the eye in a way most group shots don’t.”

Sarah and Mark Group, by Craig Goode

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